Can You Get Medical Marijuana for a Minor in Louisiana?

If your underage child has a debilitating medical condition that you’re pursuing treatment over, you might be asking whether medical marijuana could be beneficial for them. A Louisiana card for medical marijuana is available for minors, but in order to make sure it’s as safe as possible, there are some extra requirements that you may need to go through. Here’s what you need to know about medical marijuana for a minor in Louisiana.

1. Qualifying Conditions

The list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in Louisiana don’t change based on whether the individual is an adult or a minor. Here are a few of the conditions that might make you eligible for medical marijuana:

  • Cancer
  • Chronic pain
  • Epilepsy
  • PTSD
  • Seizure disorders

However, in Louisiana, it’s also legal for a doctor to prescribe marijuana like any other substance if the doctor genuinely believes that it could be helpful for a debilitating condition or symptom. A doctor may be able to recommend marijuana for a minor outside of these conditions if they have a different serious condition.

2. Types of Marijuana Used

In Louisiana, many different types of marijuana are legal for medical use. Initially, the law only applied to tinctures, but since its original passage, marijuana vaporization and smoked, raw, and crude cannabis have both been legalized for medical use. However, medical marijuana pharmacies cannot dispense cannabis in its raw or flower form to anyone under 21 unless the doctor specifically recommends it. You’ll want to talk to the doctor to determine the best option for your child.

3. Access to Marijuana Throughout the State

Currently, there is one medical marijuana pharmacy in each of the nine regions of the state and two production facilities, Louisiana State University and Southern University. It’s a good idea to check what region of Louisiana you live in and where your region’s medical marijuana pharmacy is so you know where you’ll be getting your child’s marijuana.

4. Applying as a Caregiver

When you apply for medical marijuana as a caregiver, there may be a few extra steps that you have to take in order to apply. You should talk to your doctor about your requirements as a caregiver. Additionally, some minors may need a recommending physician to consult with a pediatric subspecialist to be sure that marijuana is an effective type of medication for the specific health concern. Talking to your doctor about the process can help significantly.


Caring parents want to make sure that their children have the healthiest lives possible. In some cases, that may mean searching out alternative medical options to help with their children’s medical concerns. Louisiana has recognized the benefits of marijuana in a medical context for a variety of diagnoses and conditions, including those for children. It’s possible to use medical marijuana for a child in a way that helps their development rather than hinders it. With these tips, you’ll be more prepared for helping your child through the medical marijuana process.

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