Build your health power with Pycnogenol

Health is one of the most priced possessions that one can have. So, taking utmost care of your health should be the prime consideration for all. One of the strongest anti-oxidants found in the barks of the Maritime Pine in France, the Pycnogenol is an effective supplement for damage repair in the body. Various facts have been documented to establish the unending benefits of this powerful supplement. The ability of this compound to enhance body strength has led to the growth of interest among several medical researchers.


This compound is commonly found in supplements like grape seed extract but this should not be mixed with the artificial products available in the market. Pycnogenol is also recommended for ADHD besides curing multiple diseases like hypertension, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, arthritis, skin diseases and diabetes-related eye dysfunctions. The most important and noteworthy contribution of this compound is its anti-oxidant properties which rejuvenates the skin and helps fight anti-aging issues, maintaining the elasticity of the skin intact.

A natural cure to ADHD

Research evidence proves that the extract of the French Maritime bark acts as a powerful antioxidant and can alleviate symptoms of ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The complex combination of antioxidant compounds and antihistamine along with natural bioflavonoids has led to such healing properties of Pycnogenol. Since its discovery in 1947 this compound has been actively prescribed by physicians for the treatment of allergies, inflammation, asthma, cardiovascular diseases besides the treatment of ADHD. However, patients may need to undergo some sort of genetic testing (check this content for more info) before starting on this medication (or any other ADHD medication) to determine possible side effects or adverse reactions. Studies conducted in Europe showed an improvement in the level of concentration, cognition and attention in ADHD children under the medication of Pycnogenol. The same children under the prescription of ADHD medication did not respond well during clinical trials.

The ability of Pycnogenol to strengthen or repair damaged blood vessels to promote better circulation of blood is what makes it a suitable cure for children suffering from ADHD. The healthy circulatory system enables the minerals to reach the brain thereby regulating or stimulating the production of neurotransmitter resulting in ADHD symptoms. But it is highly recommended to take the help of a medical professional before deciding to make use of Pycnogenol so that a comprehensive plan for treatment can be framed to overcome ADHD naturally. You can find such professionals locally or research adhd online to find services offering ADHD diagnosis virtually.


A remarkable blood pressure relaxant

The ability of Pycnogenol to improve endothelial functions in patients suffering from high blood pressure is something worth mentioning. This effective pine bark extract helped in reducing the dosage level for antihypertensive drugs taken by patients. Users showed a better control over the blood pressure level after taking the help of this supplement in comparison to earlier stages. The major contributor to high blood pressure is homocysteine which is produced from digesting protein foods. This acid if not immediately broken down can lead to the damage of blood vessels. Research studies revealed that intake of folic acid, Vitamin D, B12 and B6 can help in breaking down such acid and such ingredients are present in the herbal extract from the French pine bark, Pycnogenol. Besides being an effective blood pressure relaxant Pycnogenol is also recommended for ADHD, especially in children.

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