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Botox in times of Pregnancy

It takes a lot of courage and determination to finally come to terms with the fact that we all grow old. There is a plethora of reasons why we get petrified just at the slight thought of having to grow older but deep down our hearts we all know what really makes us worried – our deteriorating looks. Correct? We guess so. Nobody is to be blamed here because we all get used to looking great when facing our reflections in the mirrors every single morning. And then… Then years pass by and we have to live with the simple truth: our once great looks are going to diminish and people around us will start noticing some of the most prominent signs of ageing on our faces.

But what are these prominent signs? Well the answer is simple here – wrinkles. Those annoying lines that spread all across the face make it extremely easy to guess our age. So many people have therefore struggled to prevent these from appearing on their faces. However, the results have usually been ineffective – age has been a much stronger force. Loads of people have therefore grown depressed about their looks but should they in fact be sad about this? The answer is a big ‘no’ because science – however surprising this might seem – hasn’t been sleeping all these years, allowing for the rise of a wide variety of beauty treatments. Yes, it can be now said that wrinkles and other lines are all the things of the past because these scientific miracles effectively conceal the aforementioned signs of ageing.

Among a huge number of rejuvenating treatments stands out Botox. Botox has been used by a whopping 10+ million Americans. A lot of people, especially residents of bigger cities like New York, have used Botox extensively. In fact, its universal availability makes things easy for prospective patients. One could easily find a plethora of, say, Botox NYC options and the procedure is so harmless it makes no sense to have any reservations as to whether to undergo it or not.

However, things can get a bit awry if the woman is pregnant. This will be discussed quite extensively before Botox’s overall safety is discoursed on.

Why so Safe?

Many people wonder what it is that makes Botox so safe. In a nutshell, there two main reasons that make it so harmless – the principle on which it rests and the amount of research that has been done.

Let’s kick off by looking into all of the ins and outs of the mechanism on which Botox rests. Botox is called a minimally invasive procedure for a reason. The substance is injected into the area that’s wrinkled up with the help of an extraordinarily tiny needle. Botox, therefore, doesn’t spread throughout the body because it stays still where it has been injected. By remaining where it is intended to be, Botox freezes the muscles that are responsible for creating wrinkles.

Having talked about how it works, it is also worthwhile mentioning that Botulinum toxin – the substance at the heart of Botox – has been around for as long as almost two centuries. Botulinum toxin was discovered back in 1820 by a German doctor Justinus Kerner. Just think about it – the substance has been around for so long that more than enough research has been conducted to understand how it works. In fact, number one public health organization in the Unites States – Food and Drug administration (FDA) – approved Botox back in 2002. FDA did so after performing a wide varietyof clinical trials to ensure that Botox causes no harm.

Now, it’s clear that Botox is quite safe, but is it all the same when the woman wishing to receive Botox treatments is pregnant? To answer this question, let’s look into some of the opinions shared by some of the world renowned doctors on the matter.

Pregnant and Proud?

First off, it needs to be said that women report having great looks after delivering their babies, so why use beauty treatments if your looks will be great after you give birth to your child? In fact most of the doctors agree that it’s not the best idea to receive any beauty treatments that include toxin injections such as Botox. However, it is also important to note that there are no studies available that prove that Botox and other beauty treatments have a negative impact on pregnant women. No research has ever been conducted on pregnant women because of health-related risks as well as ethical considerations.

It’s also important to mention that women who received Botox treatment without knowing they were pregnant haven’t reported any pregnancy-related problems even though they used Botox – unknowingly so – during their pregnancies. This shouldn’t however galvanize you into getting Botox when pregnant because the first point needs to be kept in mind – doctors all over the world advise against doing Botox during pregnancy.

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