How To Be A Better Parent Without Appearing Like A Prison Guard

Parenting is a seriously hard job. There are so many things you have to do in order to raise well structured children, and even then you risk having people tell you that you have poor parenting skills. There is definitely a fine line between being a parent and a prison guard, and there is also a very fine line between being a parent or simply being a friend when you should be parenting.


If you want to do a little better, at least, at the game of parenting, it helps to know which line can be crossed and which things are better left alone. You need to choose your battles wisely, and you need to also know when to stick to your guns.

Teach Your Kids Instead Of Threatening Them

One thing that many parents mistake for parenting is threatening. When you flat out tell your children not to do something or you will punish them with groundings and spankings you are basically pushing their rebellious buttons. Instead of telling them not to do something or else, teach them why doing that thing is a bad idea.

When you communicate with your children on a more understanding level they will be more likely to listen and to learn from what you are telling them about. When you talk to them about drugs you want them to know why they are dangerous and how they can ruin their lives, rather than just telling them not to do it because you said so. Plus, you also want them to know that you know what to look for when it comes to addiction, so they understand that they won’t get things by you.

Allow For A Little Teenage Rebellion

Part of growing up and learning comes through teenage rebellion. Even the best parents will find their teens becoming rebellious. It’s important to allow them a little of that rebellion, which will aid in their learning and street smarts.

Pick your battles wisely when it comes to dealing with rebellious teenagers. Sometimes it, though it depends on what type of rebellion it is, this type of behavior can be a great lesson in a teen’s life and may help with their future goals for life and work.

Be A Friend, But Always Be A Parent

You need to remember that you are a parent first. Some parents blur the lines between friendship and parenting, especially when their kids reach those teenage years. While it’s OK to have a friend-like relationship with your child, which may help them be more honest and open with you on many topics, it’s also important to know when to be a parent and not a friend.

By talking more openly with your teenager you may be helping them make better decisions in life and love. However, if you don’t act like a parent you risk them walking all over you.

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