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Best U.S. States In Which To Raise A Family

When setting out in life, starting a family is one of the largest steps you can take.  It’s super important that you prepare a great place to raise your family as you make your plans, and finding a place to live is top priority.  

Start by taking a little guidance, and check out a few of the best states in the U.S. to raise a family.  Here is a brief breakdown of some top-rated U.S. states, consider which destinations might best fit your family’s needs as you scroll.  

Lake Oconee, Georgia

If you want a great place just outside the city to raise your family, go just east of Atlanta.  The hidden gem of South Lake Oconee offers a home full of Southern charm and hospitality.  

Living in the Lake Oconee area means that you’ll have your pick of water sports in the summer and tasty cuisine all year long.  Escape the smog and congestion of the busy city, and live by the emerald waters of Georgia’s Lake Oconee.

Monterey Park, California

Another great big city suburb spot to plant some family roots is Monterey Park, California.  Monterey Park is located just east of Los Angeles, and this small city is perfect for raising your brood.  

With a high school graduation rate of 92.3 percent, you can rest easy knowing your kids are receiving a great education.  There are also 385 libraries within 15 miles of Monterey Park, so your children have no excuse to skip reading.

Wylie, Texas

The population of Wylie, Texas is made up of mostly young people.  More than 75 percent of citizens are under the age of 50, making Wylie a youthful place to grow.  

The graduation rate for high schools in this are is just about 95 percent, so again, there’s no need to worry about the quality of your children’s education.  

Wylie sits just 35 minutes outside of Dallas, Texas.  You can give your children a well-rounded maturing experience, mixing a little city life with the comfort of the country.

Villa Park, Illinois

Villa Park, Illinois is a place where your family will have every opportunity to succeed.  The unemployment rates are low for the area, and the average price for a home in Villa Park averages just under $265,000.  

The graduation rates in Villa Park hover around 90 percent, and there are 207 libraries in the surrounding 15 mile radius.  The town also offers a shot at their nine-hole golf course.

Ashburn, Virginia

More than 70 percent of the population of Ashburn, Virginia is under the age of 50.  The town is young, and so are you. Raise a family among the gorgeous rolling hills of Ashburn, Virginia, just 30 miles northwest of the nation’s capital.  

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