Best Tourist Attractions in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city of seemingly unlimited possibilities. The natural beauty and wide array of things to do make it a popular destination for travelers around the world over.

Where else can you take a canal tour, visit art galleries featuring the works of world-famous artists and wander through a red-light district? Getting there is as easy as booking a flight on websites such as (you can find some pretty good discounted flights there). Here are some must-see tourist attractions in Amsterdam.


Canal tour

For a great view of the old town center and its 17th century architecture, hop aboard a boat for a cruise along its 65 miles of canals. These cruises range from basic to dinner and wine tours. Daytime cruses typically last about one hour with recorded narration explaining the sights. You can also cruise the canals on an all-you can eat pancake boat, take an evening cocktail cruise or splurge on a candlelight dinner cruise featuring a three-course meal. There are so many options to explore the city’s beautiful canals on water, or you can rent a bicycle and tour the canals on land.

Van Gogh Museum

This museum, located in Amsterdam’s Old South neighborhood, features the world’s largest collection of works by the expressionist Vincent van Gogh. On display are self-portraits, landscapes, still life and more. You can view the progress of van Gogh’s artistic development through the years. The museum also offers activities for children, such as drawing competitions and treasure hunts. Other museums in this neighborhood include the Rijksmuseum, the largest museum of art and history in the Netherlands, and the Stedelijk Museum, dedicated to modern and contemporary art and design.

Anne Frank House

The house where Anne Frank and her family hid for more than two years to avoid Nazi persecution opened as a museum in 1960. Visitors can tour the 500-square foot space where the Frank family lived before being betrayed and arrested. Her original diary is on display, as are quotes, photographs and items that belonged to the hidden family. In the multimedia section, visitors can access virtual information about the Frank family and WWII. The museum also houses exhibits, a book shop and a cafe.


Vondelpark is a 120-acre public park that was created in 1865 and attracts about 10 million visitors every year. Grassy lawns, fountains and bike paths are located throughout. Vondelpark also features the Netherlands Film museum, which screens films ranging from silent movies to contemporary digital productions. The museum also organizes exhibitions, lectures, debates and open-air film showings. The park’s open air theater offers everything from musical theater to classical music to cabaret. There are also many bars and restaurants located throughout the park.

Amsterdam Zoo – Artis

This zoo, located in the center of the city, opened in 1838 and is the oldest zoo in the Netherlands. It is home to about 900 animal species and 300 tree varieties. From camels to crocodiles to lemurs, a massive variety of creatures can be viewed here in natural living environments. Artis also features an aquarium, a planetarium, a geological museum and a zoological museum.

Red Light District

No visit to Amsterdam would be complete without visiting the city’s famous Red Light District. It is worth taking a walk through since it is well patrolled and is located in a historic neighborhood. In addition to its well-known attractions, the Red Light district also features historical sites, architecture and museums that cater to the curious tourist. It is part of Amsterdam’s charm and history.

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