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Best 5 Places To Take Baby

When you have a baby, it feels like your entire time is taken up meeting his demands. He needs feeding, changing, bathing, cuddling and playing with. Many new mummies have skipped a meal or two in a week because they simply ran out of time to prepare one before they fell into bed exhausted in the evening. It is a very busy time, and it can get very lonely.

If you feel like you haven’t seen anyone else for a few days, it is definitely time to bundle your pride and joy into the pram and go for a walk. If you haven’t got any other mummy friends, don’t despair. Just because all your mates are still at work, it doesn’t mean you can’t see anybody. Check out our top places to wander to with bub to make life a little more normal again.

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  1. The park – This one sounds obvious, and it probably sounds boring, but little one needs exposure to all the sights, smells and sounds of their brand new world. Walk by the duck pond to hear the quacking and the water. Talk to you baby about all the things you can both see, and watch her eyes widen in awe at all of it.

  2. Walk around the block – This should be a 20-minute outing, and you should do it every day in all weathers. Your son or daughter needs daylight and fresh air on their skin. Don’t forget to take the pushchair raincover and a spare blanket. Kids need to be familiar with their neighbourhood, and all the old dears that live on your block will be delighted to see you from their windows every day. You’ll probably get little waves. Encourage your child to wave back and say hello. Even at just a couple of weeks old, understanding social courtesies is a good lesson to be learned.

  3. The cafe – All cafes are required by law to allow you to breastfeed your baby while you enjoy a slice of cake. Don’t ever feel you shouldn’t. The strong smells of food and coffee will stimulate your baby, and she’ll be able to people watch. Seeing what other people do and how they behave will stand you in good stead when it comes to eating out with her as a toddler.

  4. The supermarket – Supermarkets all have trollies that safely hold baby car seats so take bub along for a ride. Talk to him about everything you see and show him the different fruits and veggies. Describe their taste and texture, and talk about what you are doing.

  5. Mum and Baby groups – OK, these aren’t for everyone, but you’ll know you’re not alone, and you’ll probably see you are doing better than most other mums! Some mums are clique but pop the baby on the floor and let him interact with the other babies there. None of them will snub each other, and it is a great opportunity for valuable social interaction. Who knows, you may even find another mummy friend, or at least be able to confirm you’re a great parent after all!

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