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Be an encouraging parent

Every parent likes to encourage their child in life. When ten-year-old Amelia’s mum, Emma, encouraged her daughter to contact sofa retailer ScS, nobody could anticipate their response.


Amelia Howarth is a huge fan of the ScS sofa ads that regularly grace our TV screens. Whilst watching, she often acts out the adverts in front of her family. With her mum’s encouragement, Amelia decided to contact ScS to tell them how much of a fan she is.

A response from such a large company seemed unlikely but, to the family’s surprise, Amelia received a very exciting offer. ScS invited Amelia down to their store on Portrack Lane in Stockton to witness a sneak peak of their filming for their new autumn TV ads. Marketing Manager for ScS, Lindsey Duncton, said: “We were delighted to read Amelia’s email and to hear how much she loved our ads. A huge amount of work goes on behind the scenes to develop our advertising campaigns and we thought it would be a great holiday treat to offer Amelia the chance to see what goes on behind the scenes and to meet Victoria, who features in our ads.”

Obviously, an overwhelmed and excited Amelia accepted the offer. With mum and brother accompanying her, Amelia spent the day learning all about what it takes to produce an ScS commercial. Amelia even got to meet the face of ScS, Victoria Thomas, who was keen to share her top acting tips.

Reflecting on her day, Amelia said: “The whole day was really fantastic and I enjoyed meeting the nice people from ScS. I have shown all my friends the signed script I was given by Victoria and told them all about it.”

Clearly impressed with the company’s generosity, mum Emma commented: “I really didn’t expect them to reply and say we could go to their shoot, but I’m really pleased that they did. It was a super day, and one that Amelia will not forget for a long while.”

Stories like this exemplify the importance of encouraging your children. If it wasn’t for the support from her mum, Amelia would have never experienced such a unique event. You can find out more information about ScS online at

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