Batteries You Should Have at Home

House 34We have become more and more dependent wireless, mobile devices. With a simple charge from a wall outlet, we are ready to engage in various forms of communication, from texting, email, messaging, and the occasional person-to-person telephone call. This type of daily interaction goes unnoticed for most of us but what would happen if an emergency situation occurred or if we were unable to gain access to our wireless devices?

The demand on our energy grid has caused some areas of the country, such as California, to experience rolling blackouts as a way to deal with consumer demand for electricity. According to BatteryPlex (, regardless of what the future holds with respect to our demand or need for electricity, there are some devices in the home that still depend on battery power. Here are some of the batteries that you should have and the types of devices that require them.

9-Volt Batteries

Every home should have 9-volt batteries available for use. The number one appliance in your home that still operates with this type of battery is your smoke detector. It is needed as a backup source of power should the electricity in your home goes out and a fire should occur. A properly installed smoke detector, according to the National Fire Protection Association, can help save your life in the event of a fire.

In addition to smoke detectors, 9-volt batteries can also be used in a small transistor radio. According to BatteryPlex (, this radio should be kept with your emergency supply kit to provide you with vital news and information that may be related to a weather event or natural disaster.

AA Batteries

For devices such as remote controls for your electronics, you need to also keep a supply of AA batteries on hand. AA batteries are also useful for powering certain clocks, which may be important to keep powered in the event that a power outage should happen to persist for a prolonged period of time. AA batteries tend to be easy to store, easy to install in your devices requiring this type of battery and can be purchased as rechargeable units for additional sustainability.

C Batteries

You should keep as part of your emergency supplies a flashlight that contains fresh, working batteries. The C battery is a standard-size battery that has been in use since the 1950s designed specifically for use with flashlights. This standardization assures you that almost every type of flashlight you purchase can be operated by 2 or 3 C-size batteries, providing you with the necessary illumination when a rolling blackout hits or a temporary loss of power occurs. They are a good temporary solution. However, for longer power outages, you might want to hire an emergency generator service in Baton Rouge or wherever you live. Batteries are great, but a generator has a lot more power.

Other Types of Batteries

Again, your access to mobile and wireless technologies may be limited if your electricity goes out. If you use a watch or need to access information on your cell phone, you should consider having a supply of single cell round batteries. The most common type of single cell round batteries are lithium batteries used in cell phones and watches. Having a charged backup lithium battery for your cell phone, as an example, can help you use your phone and make contact during an emergency or access an emergency response system such as 9-1-1 or the fire department.

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