Bacopa: The One Ayurvedic Herb You’ve Never Heard Of

Thousands of years ago our ancestors were using herbal remedies to solve their ailments, but in some parts of the world very little has changed. Ancient Indian medicine was part of the Ayurvedic tradition and millions of rural Indians are utilizing the same tools that they have for many generations.

As modern science has pieced together the benefits of these Ayurvedic herbs, the rest of the world is benefiting. One plant called bacopa monnieri is an herb used to improve cognitive capabilities, reduce anxiety, and improve learning. In fact, many children are still using this Ayurvedic herb in small Indian villages to this day.

The benefits of bacopa are manifold and well-researched. Because there are millions of people using the plant for medicinal purposes, the Indian government sponsored and embarked upon a multi-decade research of the plant to understand the dangers and better recognize the beneficial extracts.

Within these studies, the Indian government found that not only is bacopa monnieri a safe substance for improving cognition, but it is a reliable one as well. For centuries children have consumed bacopa plant with ghee (clarified butter) because it is a fat soluble extract. The ancient Ayurvedic masters were intuitive enough to realize that the plant was fat soluble long before modern chemistry and biology!

The term “cognitive enhancement” might seem vague especially for parents who are wary about feeding supplements to their children. There are a few things that happen with bacopa and improved cognition:

#1. Reduced anxiety – everyone who has taken a test knows the feeling of anxiety and fear that can accompany any exam. The irony is, this anxiety is often the reason people struggle with test performance. It isn’t a result of reduced intelligence, but anxiety gets in the way. When most people think about a herb that reduces anxiety, their first thought is probably cannabis. Not only are their strains similar to the ones that can be found if you click here, there are also cannabis derivatives like CBD and THC that can also help with anxiety. CBD is most commonly taken in the form of an oil and has been legalised in many countries. If you would like to learn how to use CBD oil, then visit However, while cannabis can be a great way to reduce anxiety, the Bacopa herb is also very effective.

Alternatively, if you enjoy smoking, you can also try dag ribs, which may provide you with the best smoking experience. You can think about starting it to relax or calm yourself down for a while since it uses an additional filtration chamber to give you a clean, flavorful, and smooth hit, rather than using the traditional bongs. Because the hits are so cool compared to other rigs or bongs, you can even smoke more concentrates and oil simultaneously. If interested, you can look into a variety of dab rigs and water pipes for yourself to reduce any kind of stress or anxiety by clicking here.

Bacopa helps to increase cognitive performance by reducing anxiety so that the user will have less stress around the exam. This naturally leads to higher exam scores (or other markers of cognitive capacity).

#2. Memory enhancement – another aspect of bacopa that can prove effective is memory enhancement. The extract in the bacopa monnieri plant helps to increase a brain chemical called acetylcholine, which is implicated in improved memory formation and learning.

This is one of the main benefits of bacopa monnieri and it’s well studied compared to any other. Nearly every other chemical compound and drug used for memory formation has less research, which is why this is so safe.

Many parents will find it hard to justify giving supplements to children and there is no need to do so for healthy children. However, for some parents who want their children to have the best chance at success in later life, it can be useful to use all tools at their disposal.

Bacopa monnieri is a great way to improve cognition and hopefully avoid the unnatural prescription drugs like Adderall or Ritalin. While these might be helpful for some children who need it, finding a natural alternative for your child will be much safer in the long run.

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