Are You Prepared for Halloween? Don’t Let it Creep Up on You!

Halloween is such a fun time of year. You can take the kids trick or treating, throw a party, give out candy to strangers – what’s not to love about it?! Many people leave preparation until the last minute though, making Halloween way more stressful than it should be. This year, don’t let Halloween creep up on you (pardon the pun)! Prepare in advance with the following things:

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Lots of Pumpkins

Halloween is all about carving pumpkins. Make sure you have plenty of them so the whole family can carve one each. You can find templates online, making the carving part a lot easier (it’s not cheating, promise). Just be sure to supervise especially young kids with their carving tools! You can then decorate the whole house with your pumpkin creations. Pop a tealight candle in the middle to make your spooky pumpkin light up (again, just be careful when the kids are using these). Never leave your pumpkin unattended with a candle inside. When you’re done with them, you can even make pumpkin soup. Don’t forget to toast the seeds for a tasty snack either!


You can’t stop at the pumpkins. Why not go all out and decorate your house with a full-on ‘haunted’ effect? Use fake spider’s webs, plastic skeletons, and surprises hiding in unusual places to scare people who come near. If you want to involve the kids in the Halloween spirit, consider printing out some spooky skulls to color in. You can also think of hanging white sheets or cheesecloth from the trees in your yard, and let them sway gently in the wind, creating a spooky, ethereal effect.

Scary Music

On Halloween night, make sure you have a scary playlist ready to scare the wits out of trick or treaters and the kids. You should be able to find recorded noises especially for the occasion, such as screaming and ghoulish laughing.

Bowls of Candy

Bowls of the kid’s candy favorites will be enjoyed by your own children and the kids that trick or treat at your door. Make sure you’re fully stocked so you can give something to everybody who calls.


As well as candy, you may want to play tricks on them! Why not give them a box of toothpicks rather than sweets? It may seem a bit mean, but they did say one or the other, after all. Here are some ideas to confuse the trick or treaters. Some are a little ‘out there’, but they’re sure to make you laugh afterwards.

Halloween Costumes

You must take your own kids trick or treating, so make sure they have fantastic costumes. The better the costumes, the more likely they are to get treats rather than tricks. You may also want to throw a party for them, where they can wear their costumes too. You could make a costume rather than buy one, if that’s more your thing. Popular Halloween costumes for kids include witches, vampires, black cats, and zombies. You can always use your imagination if you’d rather do something really out there for the occasion!

Christmas soon creeps up after Halloween. Here are some great ways to get creative with your kids. It’s always better to be prepared than rush around at the last minute. Good luck!

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