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A Revolutionary New App

With 2013 well and truly underway, we are starting to see the release of the latest technologies, programmes and apps that we will all be able to access this year. Whether you are an Android user or an avid Apple fan, the latest apps are becoming ever more widely promoted both on and offline.

Whether you love an app that helps you shop, keeps you safe or simply a time filler, 2013 is set to offer the best in each of these. Here is a look at some of the most revolutionary for the year ahead and how they can help us in our everyday lives!



Buxfer is a personal budget app that has one major difference from the others available; not only can you look after your own finances but also that of a group. This is the perfect app for students living in shared accommodation or for families who all need to be aware of how everyone is doing with their budgets!

You can upload your bank statements, generate reports that can be saved in the Cloud, and save financial data for yourself and others. If you pay for a pro account you can also send out reminders to others of bills or direct debit dates.

Never Be Bored UK

Never Be Bored UK does exactly what it says on the tin, it stops you from being bored. This clever little app lists all manner of activities, holidays and short breaks in the UK and unlike some of its rivals it offers a whole host of small unusual activities to take part in.

On top of the rather unusual, this app also lists local hotels, bars, shops, night clubs and theatres! What more could you possibly want when visiting some of the beautiful places in the UK! Available to all Android users.


Cleverlock is a paid app, but is worth every penny if you have small children. Cleverlock is childproofing for your mobile device which can protect your documents and internet etc.

Install this app if you want to make sure that your children are using your or their phones in a manner that you feel safe. This will make sure that all your data, contacts, emails etc will not be accidently deleted or the like and keep your children safe online!

Bikers Friend

We all know that our roads are getting busier on a daily basis and if you are a motorcycling enthusiast this can be problematic in terms of safety for yourself and others. Bikers Friends is a mobile app that records all the information at the scene of an accident. Now this is something that no one wants to experience, but if it does happen to you, the app will record your exact location, number plates of all parties involved and even has a voice and video recorder to take notes of the conversations afterwards.

This is the perfect companion for any motorcyclist and will help with the immediate aftermath of an accident when a lot of us forget to record specific information. A download must this year!

Camera Awesome

This is the must have app for all those budding photographers out there! Camera Awesome has been a huge hit since it’s launch in 2012 and is set to grow even larger this year! The general consensus here is that the apps camera will take over from your Iphones camera, letting you take better shots and also use their editing suite afterwards.

You can then save your stunning images in the Cloud or on your phone to print out at a later date! This is the perfect app for turning your phone into a fantastic digital camera!

So there you have it, these are the new revolutionary apps appearing at the moment and I believe they will be huge this year. If you don’t have a mobile device that can download these amazing apps then maybe you should consider switching phones; to view the latest Virgin Mobile contract phone visit their website.

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