A Quick Planning Guide For An Eggcellent Children’s Easter Party



Easter weekend is just around the corner. But don’t fret there is still plenty of time to plan a fun-filled Easter party for your children and all their little friends! My guide will give you plenty of quick and easy ideas for the party. And it will show you how you can ensure the kids, and the adults, have a great time without the need to spend a fortune. You may only wish to take one idea away from this guide, or all of them, it’s entirely up to you. I hope it helps you to plan an easy but enjoyable Easter celebration.

Time and place

Obviously you’ll need to decide where and when to host the party. It doesn’t have to be during Easter weekend as most people will be spending this time with close family. However, if the weekend suits you best, the Saturday between Easter Friday and Easter Monday will probably be the most suitable date. However, kids are learning about Easter at school for a number of weeks, so it will probably be appropriate to host the party at any time around the beginning of April.

I would definitely recommend that you consider the start and end time for the party. As I’m sure you are well aware, kids get extremely hyper around any holiday. And occasions that have a particular emphasis on candy and chocolate are particularly crazy! Not only will you and any helpers you have be exhausted, but so will the children. Short and sweet is often best.

When it comes to place, consider where would be easiest for you. Are you happy to host the party in your home? The kids may be getting involved in potentially messy activities like egg painting and baking, so it is a good idea to consider the cleaning that may be involved. However, there are ways to minimise cleaning. For example, designating a messy area, hosting the party outside or simply choosing activities that aren’t as messy. If hosting at home is not ideal, you may wish to consider another free venue like the park or beach.


Decide how many children you can manage to keep an eye on and afford to cater for. I would strongly advise inviting parents so that they can help out. If some parents can’t make it, family members, friends and babysitters may be able to assist. This may mean extra mouths to feed, but it will be worth it as it will keep you sane! Keep things simple and costs low by sending invitations to parents by email, text message or via social media.




I think it’s a good idea to choose one or two activities and concentrate on doing them well. Here are some Easter fun ideas that both the kids and adults are bound to enjoy:

And there are many others. Really, you can do any activity you and your kids like, and just put an Easter spin on it. The activities I have suggested don’t require a huge amount of effort to plan. Stock up on eggs, a few arts and crafts supplies and if you don’t have time to make cakes, by them pre-made from the supermarket or bakery.



Food and drink

As it’s a celebration, it’s nice to treat the kids to a few little sweet things. However, instead of buying lots of individual items, you can save yourself money and time with something like a retro sweet hamper. This means you’ll have plenty to go around and to add to party bags, if you plan to do them. You may also want to provide some chocolate Easter eggs that the children have to find during their egg hunt.

While you want to provide them with a few treats, you will probably also want to provide some healthy and more substantial options. Quick and easy food and drink ideas include:

To reduce waste, you may wish to distribute any leftovers into party bags for the children to take home.


Of course, whenever you are hosting a children’s party, you have to think about the cleaning involved. I would recommend using recyclable paper plates, cups and cutlery to save yourself a great deal of time and effort on washing up post-party.

When it comes to any arts and crafts activities, you may wish to cover any areas you with to protect with material or plastic sheets. Alternatively, consider doing these activities outside. I would also recommend having a couple of cloths or wipes on hand for any spillages and to clean any mucky hands or faces. It’s a good idea to have a decent supply of bin bags in the house as you’ll probably use a good few of them.

Try to keep the party contained in one or two rooms. This way you minimise the work you have to do. Share the tasks with the other adults and clean as you go if possible. However, it is important not to obsess over cleaning while the party is still going on. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on all the fun.


Don’t forget to be prepared for all types of weather. If you are going to be spending time outside, you may wish to think about a backup plan just in case the weather takes a turn for the worse. On the other hand, if the weather is good, you should remind parents that the kids will need sunscreen, protective clothing and hats.

And finally…

Have fun! You’ve put a lot of work into planning a lovely party for your children and their friends, and you can rest assured that they will have a fantastic time. Take the opportunity to enjoy playing with the kids, socialise with other parents and get into the Easter holiday spirit.

I hope this post will help you to plan an eggcellent children’s Easter party. Thank you for reading.


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