A Moms Guide to Dressing Your Kids for Winter

Keeping your kids warm and toasty in the winter can be a bit of a challenge. Finding suitable attire is essential to protecting your little one from catching a chill, or even worse, getting frostbite. Children are more prone to frostbite as they lose heat faster than adults and don’t always make the sensible choice of warming up regularly when playing outside.

There are however, some helpful tips to ensure that your child stays safe and warm, so they can enjoy the wonderful activities the great outdoors has to offer:

Warm accessories

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  • A well fitting tightly woven hat will protect your little one from losing heat from their head. A hat with earflaps will also protect them from getting cold ears.

  • A warm scarf will also protect their neck and face from cold wind or rain. If you are worried about dangling scarves getting caught in things, opt for a fleece snood instead.

  • Mittens are a much better choice than gloves as the air around your child’s hands will heat up, creating insulating air pockets that protect them.

  • Legwarmers are also a great accessory to keep the chill out and they come in a great range of colours and styles.


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  • Wearing two sets of socks will help to keep feet warmer as it traps more air, providing better insulation from the cold. Make sure that they’re loose fitting though, so they don’t cut off blood circulation.

  • An undershirt will help to keep children’s skin warm and dry. Try to choose a fabric that will prevent sweating, such as Polypropylene, which draws sweat away from the skin.

  • Cover the undershirt with a loose-fitting warm jumper or sweatshirt with long sleeves.

  • A waterproof coat as a top layer will protect your child from the wind and rain. Make sure that they remove it when indoors as if they get too hot, their sweat can become damp and cold when they go outside again.


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Dressing babies in lots of layers can be extremely time consuming and stressful. One of the ways to avoid this is to dress them as usual, and then add a snowsuit as a final layer. These are a lot easier to slip off and on as they have all in one legs and arms with a good amount of insulation to keep your child toasty.

Snowsuits and thick jackets need to be removed when your baby is travelling in the car as they will make them overheat. It’s better to strap your baby into their car seat wearing their usual clothes, and then cover them with a blanket. Also, be sure to check for any loose threads on mittens or socks before putting them onto your child, as the threads can wrap around tiny fingers and cause injury.


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Invest in a good quality pair of waterproof boots, such as the ones available from Wellies and Worms, as these will help to protect your child’s feet from frost nip and rain puddles. Wellies come in a fantastic range of colours and designs so your little one will look forward to putting them on.

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