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A Guide to Taking Amazing Pictures of Your Kids

Children grow up faster than you could ever imagine. One day you’re staring down at their cot, admiring their chubby little face and those tiny clothes, the next you’re at their college graduation admiring the classy college ring and grown-up gown they got made from Jostens like providers for their special day! Taking pictures of your children is a great way to capture the special moments that you never want to forget, no matter how big or small they may be. The tips and tricks in this post will help you to take amazing pictures of your children so they can become lifelong keepsakes for you and other members of your family. Let’s take a look:


Image Author: Flickr

Get Down to Your Child’s Level

You, I’m assuming, are much taller than your child. It isn’t always the best idea to shoot them from a birds eye view, so why not get down to their level and see what kind of images you produce? You’ll get a brand new perspective! You can go down to eye level, or even right down to the ground.

Get the Eyes in Focus

If your child’s eyes aren’t in focus, then the shot won’t be as captivating. Focus on your child’s eyes to create the most powerful pictures you possibly can.

Don’t Force It

Kids look best in pictures when they’re simply being themselves. You should want their personality and spirit to come across in the image, so don’t say to them ‘behave yourself and smile’ or the picture won’t look natural or beautiful. You can try posing them occasionally, but I think you’ll find the best shots come from when they’re playing or doing what they like to do best.

Show Them the Pictures

By sharing the images with your child, you’ll get them interested and they’ll feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

Beware of Harsh Lighting

You need to be careful here, especially if you’re using a digital camera. It’s always best to keep your kids in the shade or fully in the sun. A mixture of lighting will make it hard to get a great photo of them!

Use the Flash

Sometimes, the flash can make a picture better even if it doesn’t seem like you need it. The light can brighten up any shadows and produce a well lit, great looking image.

Get Up Close

Don’t take every picture of your child from their head to their toes. Get close up to them and you’ll find that you take a much more effective image!

Watch Your Background

The background of a picture can actually make or break the image. If there’s too much going on, it can make the whole thing too distracting. Try to select a neutral background that will compliment the image rather than distract from it.

Make Use of Angles

Many people take pictures of their kids facing each other, but sometimes experimenting with angles can make for a great picture. Take pictures of your child from behind or the side to see what you end up with.

Hire a Professional

If you struggle to take pictures or you don’t have the right equipment, you could always hire a professional like This way, you’ll know that you’re going to come away with some high quality images to show off to friends and family.

The most important thing to remember when taking pictures of your child is to have fun with them. If you start to get upset or frustrated, they’ll sense this and they may not be as great in front of the camera. Have fun and cherish these moments!


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