A Guide to Preparing for Your New Arrival

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, chances are you’re waiting for your baby to be born. The thought of a new baby arriving can be very scary, and many parents worry that they aren’t properly prepared (don’t worry – everybody feels this way!). This guide will ensure that you’re totally prepared for your new arrival, so you can stop stressing and enjoy being parents!


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Design Their Room

One of the first things you can do pretty early on is design the baby’s room. If you know the gender, you could be traditional and go for the classic pink/blue colour scheme, but this isn’t necessary. You can be as creative as you like when it comes to designing your baby’s room, using cartoon characters and even painting patterns on the wall! If you don’t know the sex of your baby, you can always choose neutral colours like cream and green, which can still look very cute.

Get the Transportation Items Ready

You’re going to need all kinds of items to get your baby from A-B. The more stylish you want something to be, the more expensive it’ll be though, so bear that in mind. You’ll need a car seat, bassinet, stroller, and other items to suit your lifestyle.

Buy Clothes, Blankets, Bibs, Bottles, Etc

You’ll need many outfits, blankets, bibs, and bottles when your baby is born. They often spit up on everything, so you’ll need backups readily available a lot of the time. Also, make sure the clothes you have are appropriate for the season.

DON’T Stock Up On Nappies

Many new parents think they’re being clever by stocking up on nappies, but babies grow faster than you could have ever dreamed. Your baby will soon grow, and you’ll be left with lots of newborn nappies. However, I do recommend that you get lots of baby wipes!

Make Sure They Have Toys and Entertainment

Babies love exploring with their hands and eyes, so toys that make noise like animals that sing when you press their hands and rattles are great. Teeth toys can help with gum pain, and dummies can help with jaw strength too! Your friends and relatives will likely buy you gifts for the baby, so you can suggest Boxt Baby Gifts to them!

Have Medical and Health Supplies

Baby health care kits are available in many drug stores and include things like thermometers, nail clippers, baby shampoo, baby wash, and baby lotion. Make sure you have all of these supplies handy.

Prepare Yourself for the Birth

When you’ve got all of the supplies you could possibly need, it’s time to prepare yourself for the birth. Preparing yourself by doing lots of research can be a great help, and make the whole process much less scary. Learn about feeding options too so you know whether you’d like to feed your baby by breast or with a bottle.

Remember, your lives are about to change forever – in a good way! This will be the best thing that’s ever happened to you, so don’t be afraid. Good luck!


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