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A Good Night’s Sleep: 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Your Next Mattress

Some people don’t seem to realize how critical it is to get a good night of rest before each new day. If you go for very long without getting the recommended seven or eight hours a night, then you will be sluggish, irritable, and you will have a hard time with short-term memory retention. Your relationships will suffer, and your reflexes will not be up to par, which is particularly dangerous if you often find yourself behind the wheel.

One of the ways that you can be assured of a sound night of sleep is by getting yourself a new mattress. If you cannot remember the last time you got one, or you can see stuffing or springs protruding from your current one, then it’s time to go mattress shopping without delay. Here are mistakes to avoid as you go about this critical process. 

Don’t Get the Cheapest One

Everyone likes to save some money, but this is not a place to skimp or cut corners. Some mattresses are extremely inexpensive, but getting a bargain-basement option will put you right back where you started. People don’t always put as much value on sleep as they should. Spending a little more to be comfortable for years to come should not be a luxury, but a necessity. 

Consider Your Sleep Position

You know whether you prefer to sleep on your stomach, back, or side, and certain mattresses and brands are better for each of these positions. Some are made specifically for one posture. You should do some research before you head to the mattress store or order one through the mail. Look at the customer reviews for a better idea of whether a selection might be right for you. 

Think About Buying Online

Some people will dismiss out of hand the idea of buying mattresses online. However, it is becoming a common practice these days. Mattress Life and others offer options for getting the mattress of your choice delivered to your door, which saves you the trouble of retail shopping. If you’re worried that you won’t be satisfied with your purchase, most of the brands on the market offer a free trial period of a month or longer. 

Don’t Get A Mattress That “Sleeps Hot”

Some mattresses are composed of a material that does not do an adequate job of disbursing heat. If you turn and toss for hours on your mattress and you find yourself waking up sweating, the mattress material might be to blame. Some mattresses are made these days with cooling materials to alleviate this problem. Select one of these if overheating is an issue for you. 

Select a Mattress That Works for Both You and Your Partner

If you sleep with a spouse or partner, and one or the other of you sometimes has insomnia, it can be tough for the other person to fall asleep. Some mattresses isolate motion better than others, so you should try to find one where someone sleeping next to you won’t be disturbed by your movements.

A new mattress is a purchase that could conceivably last you for the next several years, so you don’t want to settle. Make sure and get a model that is comfortable for you as well as affordable. A better night of sleep is always going to help you in every facet of your life, so give yourself the best possible chance to get one.

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