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7 Examples of Kids Furniture That Will Brighten Everyone’s Day

Most parents dream of the day when they get to plan out their baby’s room designs. Whether you are working on a budget or sky’s the limit, you will always find a way to make sure that the essential items are not only functional but are also very adorable. You start imagining all the different furniture positions, all the time that you’re going to spend there, what the colours of the wall or furnitures would be and even what decorations go along with it.

Decorating your children’s room is always fun and with the many options available now in the market, the theme and design possibilities are endless. Whether you want to go for a very girly, all-pink theme or a playful blue-hued boy’s room, there are so many ideas to choose from for kids furniture. There are different materials as well, which should be an important factor to consider especially since kids will be using them.

Kids furniture must be sturdy enough to withstand the youngsters’ energy and playfulness, and they should also be practical in terms of maximising its usage.

Educational Dressers 

This innovative dresser replaced the traditionally rectangular dressers with the actual shapes of the type of clothing it stores.

The underpants, socks and shirts come in different sizes and teaches kids not only how to properly store away their clothes, but to also match it accordingly.

Check out Peter Bristol’s dresser for a better look. 

Animal Bookshelves 

Make reading more fun for kids with animal-shaped bookshelves that are roomy enough to store your children’s favourite bedtime story books.

Mostly made of wooden material, these kids furniture can come in different animal shapes like giraffe, lion or elephant. You can use it also not just for books but also for trinkets, toys and other decorations.

Colourful Table and Chairs

Choosing colourful kids furniture will make your children’s room brighter and more fun-loving. Light and bold colours for tables and chairs will add character to the room and your kids will definitely love them.

Unique playroom additions

Other than toys and books, you can add furniture in their playroom that will make their own space even more enjoyable to be in.

You can put a teepee or a tent small enough to fit a specific area in the room. They can use this when they are playing house with their friends. You can also put on a shadow puppet show using the tent’s fabric as the stage.

Fun beds 

If we are talking about making our kids’ days extra special, then it all starts with brightening up their mornings.

Buying them a cool bed designed to match their interests and personalities will definitely make them happy.

Cool work desks

Once they are at an age where they are already writing down their own thoughts or creating a lot of art pieces, they will need their very own work desk.

But you should get them a desk that motivates them to continue with their art rather than make doing their work such a tedious task.

Designer sofas

Your living room is going to be the most casual, relaxed room in the house. But you can still make a comfortable space for your kids by giving them their own sofas to sit on.

It would be fun to let your kids participate in the shopping so you have inputs from them as well. If you need more options other than the ones in this article, you can start by checking out these kids furniture from Domayne for more ideas. Make the room decorating a nice bonding activity that will surely become fun memories for the entire family. Your kids may even surprise you with their creativity.

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