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7 Biggest Lies, Myths, And Misconceptions About Weight Loss

Weight loss is a topic that has been widely discussed in various platforms. That is why a lot of lies, myths, and misconceptions have circulated everywhere. Such lies have led to diverse groups of people being frustrated in their daily endeavors to lose weight. Such lies and misconceptions have led to people suffering adverse effects such as malnutrition, working hard without any positive results, unhealthy rapid weight loss among other problems. Read below to note the seven most common lies and misconceptions that have been in the field.

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Eating Less Means Losing More Weight

There has been an evolution of the human body whereby it can conserve a lot of energy depending on the situation of the body. So, if your body feels starved, the metabolism will be lowered so that the essential processes in the body can continue taking place. Such weight loss regimens will not always work because the body will adjust in a way that is reserved energy for use during starvation. Moreover, it is unhealthy and could lead to issues such as gas development and bloating. However, the way you lose weight with lower food intake would change if you underwent a procedure like Gastric Band Surgery (read more about it here). Here, the weight loss is aided by a reduction in stomach capacity.

Eating A lot At Night Will Cause Weight Increase

Although the body experiences a slower digestion at night, the full effect of the intake of energy is just the same regardless the amount of food that you have taken at night. Research and studies have found that it does not matter whether you eat large breakfast, dinner or lunch. The time of making the meal also has effects on your weight gain or weight loss. For example, people who take large breakfast are likely to have less weight as compared to those who do not make breakfast.

Eating Multiple Small Meals In A Day Is Better Than Taking Large Three Meals

It is true that eating smaller multiple meals in a day helps you in hunger elimination and avoid overeating. However, eating good sized three meals in a day is also cool as long as you avoid snacking during the day. Both strategies can be used successfully, and they will work. However, if you find that you are using plans that are not succeeding, safely buy phentermine which will help you in cutting the excess unwanted weight without much stress.

Carbohydrates contribute In Fattening

Consuming too many carbohydrates can cause fattening, but it should be noted that it is not necessary. Carbohydrates are needed by your body because they are sources of energy to the body. They are also helping in giving your body brain power. Carbohydrates are essential in your body when incorporated into a balanced diet.

Fat Is Not Good For The Body

Fat is essential as it contributes in making you fell satiated. Fat is needed in the body as it carries out some functions such as absorption of nutrients. It is important to cut down saturated and trans fats, however, ensure that you include some amount of healthy fats in your diet since they will provide valuable nutrients that are essential to your body.

Cutting Down Pleasurable Foods Will Help In Weight Loss

If you do not take the sweet foods, soon you will start craving for them, and this will lead to a downfall of your program. Ensure that your weight loss program incorporates some of your favorite foods. If you take some of your favorite foods, it will work on your body psychologically hence working to your advantage.

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