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6 Reasons Why Parents Should Consider Childcare

For many parents, sending a child to childcare can seem like a big step. What if your child needs you during the day? Is childcare really the best place for them? 

Fortunately, there are plenty of great childcare providers, offering children and their parents the support they need to make the most of early childhood education. In fact, sending your child to an early learning centre has benefits that could help them as they learn, grow, and prepare for school.

Here are 6 reasons why parents should consider childcare. 

1. Educational benefits

Childcare centres offer curriculum-guided teaching programs designed to introduce children to a range of new concepts and ideas. By participating in play-based and educator-led learning activities, children are able to build skills and discover the world around them. 

At childcare, children are introduced to important academic concepts that can help with later learning. Programs teach children about literacy, numeracy, science, and technology, as well as offering an introduction to topics like nutrition and sustainability. Some childcare centres also offer programs in art, music, sport, drama, and foreign language. 

2. Social learning  

Going beyond academic learning, childcare offers opportunities for children to build friendships and learn from their peers. At childcare, children practise important social skills, learning how to share with others and communicate effectively. 

Children carry the social and emotional skills learned at childcare with them to school and beyond. This can help children to build confidence, participate in social situations, and work well with others in later study and career roles.  

3. Access to resources

Childcare centres are equipped with high-quality educational resources, which are used in the facilitation of centre programs and activities. Children are able to make use of open spaces, play equipment, and learning resources. 

Using educational resources at childcare, children can face new challenges and build new skills each day. Children are able to ask questions and discover new concepts in a warm and nurturing early learning environment. 

4. Preparing for school 

Attending a childcare centre can help to promote school readiness, providing children with the skills and understandings they need to succeed in a school environment. 

At childcare, children learn independence and are supported to become skilled learners. These things help children feel confident as they transition to school. 

5. Staff support  

Childcare centres are staffed by qualified early childhood educators, who deliver curriculum-led teaching programs and support children to learn effectively. 

Early childhood educators are able to offer a professional perspective and can support parents to provide children with the help and guidance they need to learn and grow. Educators are committed to promoting positive child development.   

6. Time for work 

Parenthood is a busy time. When you need to work, it’s important that you have help to ensure that your child’s needs are met. 

If you’re busy with work or other responsibilities, childcare can be a great option, providing high-quality care and education for your child. This gives you support to provide your child with attention, care, and learning opportunities. 
If you’re looking for a childcare provider, MyXplor can help, allowing you to search for centres near you. For example, a parent based in Toowoomba, Queensland, might visit the Xplor Space suburb listing for child care Toowoomba to find local centres.

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