6 Major Struggles All Single Parents Will Understand

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Every single parent knows that life can be tough. Raising children is hard enough as it is. When you have to raise your children alone, you may find that the strain is too much to cope with at times. Being a single parent takes a lot of inner strength. Few people understand the reality of trying to raise children alone until they have to do it. Everything is twice as hard when you don’t have the support of your partner. That means that you need twice as much energy as you did before. Bringing up children is one of the most-honorable things you can ever do. Here are six major struggles that every single parent will understand.

Struggling with money

When you are raising children on just your income, everything is a burden. The cost of childcare and looking after your children is expensive. That means that you need to scrimp and save to try and make ends meet. Many single people struggle with their finances after the separation. If you get a divorce, you should receive some help towards the childcare costs from your ex-partner. According to Beacon family law, your ex has an obligation to help you with some of the costs.

Finding a babysitter

When you have a partner, you always have someone on hand to watch the children. Since you can’t take the children everywhere with you, you need to find proper childcare for your little ones. Finding a reliable babysitter can be tricky. You need to choose somebody that you can trust and afford. It might be worth choosing a family member as they will be reliable without charging too much. However, there are also lots of people that have chosen a Career in childcare and will be able to provide the proper support for your child whilst you are not there.

Feeling guilty about your divorce

You should never feel guilty about your divorce. Yes, your separation will take its toll on your children’s lives, but that is not your fault. You haven’t done anything wrong. The fact that you are raising your children alone means that you care about them more than anything else. It was your ex-partner’s decision to walk away from the family. You can’t control what he or she does. Give your children all the love and care you can, and make the best of a bad situation.

Feeling alone in the world

Sometimes single parents feel like they are the only ones struggling. There are thousands of people out there living just like you. That should bring you some comfort. It might help you to start connecting with other parents. Doing so will help you gain some social support and mean that you have people to talk to about parenting. Look for single parent groups online and see whether you can meet people that way.

Missing adult company

When you are a single parent, you spend the majority of your time with children. You do children’s activities, watch children’s TV and read children’s bedtime stories. Many single parents miss the interaction of other adults. You are a parent, but you are also a person. That means that you need to socialise to be happy. Make sure that you take the time to socialise with people. Give yourself at least one night every couple of weeks, when you can go and see people. Having a break from the strain of parenthood will refresh you and mean you can be a better parent.

Struggling with time

If you ask any single parent, they will tell you that there’s just not enough hours in the day. Much of the time you feel as though, time is slipping away from you. Remember, you are doing two people’s jobs. That means that you will feel like you’re overstretching yourself. Give yourself a break now and then.

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