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6 Eco-Friendly Ways to Save Money in the Home

6 Eco Friendly Ways to Save Money in the Home

Going green is the movement that everyone wants to be a part of. Everybody wants to make sure they are doing as much as they possibly can to keep their planet safe and protect it for the future. Even though this cause seems completely selfless and good, there are some ulterior motives.

Many people have realized that going green can not only help the planet, but it can also help them save money. Everyone can use these tricks to feel good about their actions and about saving cash every month. Here are six eco-friendly ways to save money in the home.

Bundling services

Bundling used to be thought of as a marketing ploy that home service providers would use. However, bundling can do a lot to help people save money and the environment. Bundling services allows people to use only one machine, device or energy source, helping the environment. Everyone can also save when you bundle with Direct TV and other services.

Using cloth instead of paper

Reusable cloth is not a new addition to many homes, but it is becoming more and more apparent that using these items can make saving money and energy a lot simpler. Cloth napkins, towels and even food covers are great to reuse over and over and can replace a lot of the expensive paper items used in the home.

Cooking at home

Cooking at home is beneficial to families for so many reasons. Not only does it allow them to eat healthier and spend more time together, it also means saving a lot of money and the planet. Avoid creating waste with takeout containers and gas emissions from trips to restaurants and save hundreds a month by making great, homemade meals.

Renting or buying used

Buying new items for the home may seem like the best option, but everyone is discovering more and more ways to buy used or rent instead that can be even more beneficial. Buying used from secondhand stores or online garage sales can help everyone find the unique items they want for their homes at a fraction of the price. This will in turn reduce the overall manufacturing waste created every year, making buying used or renting a financially and environmentally smart decision.

Controlling what is plugged in

It seems like there are so many things that are constantly plugged in and using energy in the home. These items not only constantly waste resources that the planet needs, but they can also waste a lot of money for a home owner. It is easy to control how much energy all these electronics use by investing in energy-saving power strips and using the power-saving settings on each device.

Recycling more

It seems like a no-brainer, but still one of the most effective ways to save money and the planet is to recycle in the home. Many people already recycle, but there are always new ways to reduce and reuse that families might not be incorporating yet into their daily routine.


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