5 Ways To Encourage Your Children To Be More Active

Unfortunately, statistics prove that only one out of every three children are physically active throughout the day. More children than ever are faced with obesity and obesity-related diseases.

With kids having such high chances of becoming overweight adults as a result of being overweight during childhood, it’s important to help steer them in a better direction. Here are some of the best ways that you can play a role in helping your children lead healthier, and more active lifestyles.

Outdoor Activities As a Family

Getting outdoors is one of the best ways to get up and moving. Your children will be much more motivated to go outside and be active if it’s a family outing. Find something that’s a fun way for the whole family to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine.

One interesting idea would be to buy one of those cool Kids bikes for your ‘mini’; one that can be rode outdoors. You can either sit back and enjoy them riding their bikes, or join them in the fun and frolic.

However, sometimes seeing the kids riding bikes might get your heart rates up. Just be careful around cars since children may be more wobbly on their bikes than you. Your child getting hit by a car is the last way you want to spend your family outing.

Set Limits On Screen Time

One of the most common reasons for children being less active in today’s modern world is because they’re spending more time in front of screens. Between video games, television shows, and tablets, kids are spending more time than ever plugged into technology.

Putting a limit on your kids’ screen time means encouraging them to get up and get moving. It’s essential to stick to your rules and avoid bending them. If you allow them to play more some days and try to enforce limits the next, they’ll never respect the rules.

Sign Them Up For a Sport

Choose a sport that they think they would enjoy. Getting active with other kids their age is a great way to motivate them to be physically active.

Be supportive, and encourage them to try their best even though they may not be rookie of the year. The idea is getting up and moving for the benefit of their health.

Set An Example

Kids are more likely to follow your rules if you lead by example. Why should they be active when you’re a couch potato yourself? Show your children the importance of leading an active lifestyle. If you value their health, then you should also value yours.

Walking The Dog

If you have a dog, it can be a great idea to assign your kids the job of walking it. Not only are you giving them a sense of responsibility and contribution to the household, but the dog is also benefitting.

It’s a great way to encourage a daily walk that lasts at least 30 minutes.

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