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5 Ways To Boost The Air Quality Inside Your Home

The air inside your home is an important element of your overall health.  You spend a lot of time breathing the air inside of your home. It’s good to have peace of mind, knowing that the air you’re breathing is safe.  

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to clean the contaminates from the air inside of your home.  Low air quality in your home can be identified as the root of several nagging health defects.  

Take the time to consider ways you can be active about your home’s air quality, and read through this brief overview of a few ways to boost the cleanliness of the air inside of your home. 

Ventilation and airflow

The airflow in your home is directly related to the air quality inside of your home.  It’s healthy to open windows and doors from time to time to refresh and circulate the air inside of your home.  

Of course, if you live in a heavily polluted area, opening a window might not be so pleasant.  You can add a small air purifier to your home to circulate and clean the air as an alternative.  

Keep up with AC air filters

Your air conditioner is a great facilitator of clean air inside of your home, but you’ll have to do a few things to keep the unit operating at top performance.  

The filters located inside of your home should be checked and replaced regularly to maintain the performance of your HVAC unit. If not done, the dirty and clogged filters can reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner unit.  

Cleaning the filters regularly once per month will assure that your home’s air conditioning unit is delivering fresh and clean air to you and your family. At times, the filters might need to be replaced when subjected to dusty conditions. In this case, you would need to contact AC Repair experts, like the ones at Temperature Humidity Air Quality Solutions who are known to provide maintenance and installation services for HVAC units. 

Change your sheets regularly

Dust mites are one of the most significant causes of breathing issues in your home.  Dust mites lingering in your sheets and pillowcase can irritate your nose and cause you to have a sore throat.  Wash and rotate your sheets at least once a week to avoid a buildup of dust mites in your bedding.  

Add some greenery to your home

Adding some plants to the interior design of your home is not only visually appealing, but green leafy plants are great natural air cleaners.  Fern plants are especially efficient air cleaners, the Boston Fern being the best of them all.  

Burning beeswax candles is natural 

Beeswax has natural air purifying qualities when you put it to flame.  Lighting a beeswax candle releases negative ions into the air. The negative ions cause any positively charged particles to be pulled from the surrounding air.  

Beeswax candles are not just great air cleaners, they also smell pretty good.  Light a few beeswax candles in your home to set the mood for company, and offer clean air to your friends/family. 

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