After the ceremony, you may want to host the after party in your house. Depending on the weather, you can decide to have the party indoors or outdoors. You need to decorate the house beforehand so that it looks great during the christening party. Unlike other party decorations, christening decorations should reflect that a religious event is taking place. The next step is choosing color theme that suits a baby boy or girl. The color chosen makes the basis for the decorations such as flowers, balloons, ribbons, tablecloths and dishes. For example, you can use the color blue for boys, pink for girls and white for either. However, you should not be afraid to add more colors moderately and creatively to brighten up your house.


A christening is an important occasion for the baby and the entire family. The christening gown is among the most basic requirement for this occasion. Boys and girls traditionally wear a long white or cream gown. Some families have an heirloom gown passed on from generation to generation. However, if you do not have one, you can pick a dress from your local stores or shop online. Pick the right size and a dress with a comfortable material to avoid discomfort and skin irritation on the baby.


A christening ceremony is not just a private affair; you need to invite people who are family or friends in order to celebrate such a special day. An invitation is like an entrance ticket to the ceremony giving information such as dates, venue and time. You can invite your family members through emails, sending cards, social media or calling them. You need to inform your family members early enough about the christening so that they can be prepared and avail themselves from other commitments. The invitation should also inform the family members about the theme of the party and probably a request for gifts in any form.


Traditionally, parents chose godparents who had strong Christian beliefs in order to help mold a child’s spiritual life. While this should be the case especially in the eyes of the church, nowadays, people choose close friends or family members to hold this position. For the sake of your child, it is wise to choose godparents that would nurture and support your child when needed. If you choose friends, consider the type of friendship and the role the friends will play in your child’s life.


Most babies undergo christening at a very tender age and they will never know what happened unless there is something to tangible they can look at when they are grown. Before the day of christening arrives, make sure you have video and still cameras to record every moment for future use. If you use rechargeable cameras, ensure that you charge them beforehand. You can also have a few disposable cameras lying around the home for your guest to help capture the action for the perfect christening ceremony.

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