5 Things you need for a family car

Are you thinking of buying a new family car? Perhaps you’ve just had your first child, maybe your family is expanding or your old car is, well, clapped out. In any case buying a family car is a big decision and a big expense. Here are five things that may help you along the right road:


A Bang for your Buck and not a Banger

Deciding how much to spend on a new family car is usually a good place to start. If you plan to be a one-car family then a good rule of thumb is to work out what 20% of your family income per annum is and work around that figure. Even if you have a generous yearly income, think very carefully before buying a brand new car, as there are several significant pitfalls, as well as positives such as a warranty. So ask yourself “should I buy a new or used car?”

Size Matters

Your next consideration should be size. Your new family car needs to be big enough for you, your children and still have a generous amount of space left for luggage, shopping, the family dog or other things you are likely to carry around on a regular basis. Ask yourself questions like, do we go camping a lot or do we need extra space for weekends away?

Accidents Can Happen

It’s common knowledge that modern cars are safer than ever, but they do still break down and accidents do still happen. Going to a website like Safety Restore is a good idea if you notice the seatbelts in your car are in need of repair or replacement. This means that you and your family will be safe if the worst-case scenario should occur. And to add to this, having breakdown and accident cover is a god send. When considering your options here, shop around and don’t automatically go to one of the big three. Companies such as Start Rescue are offering excellent packages at competitive prices and so make sure you make an informed decision that works best for you.

ISO Want a New Family Car

Safety features, such as airbags and child ISO seat fixtures play a big part in helping parents make decisions about buying new cars. Find out which cars are the safest, why and what safety features you think are most important to you.

Are We Nearly There Yet?

As it’s a family car that you are looking to purchase, it’s well worth thinking about how you can keep the children entertained while on long journeys or with younger children, avoid them falling to sleep when you don’t want them to. Modern cars offer a range of entertainment systems that may make life that little bit easier day-to-day.

Just don’t rush into the decision and get advice.

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