5 Things You May Experience During Divorce

Everyone’s experience of divorce is unique. You may not react the same as someone else who also went through a divorce. Just like everyone responds to death differently, so do people react to divorce differently. Divorce in itself is a death of a relationship; therefore, it can be an incredibly devastating experience for many people when you file for divorce .

As with most experiences with loss, it’s completely normal to feel a range of different emotions. It helps to navigate the rollercoaster of feelings if you can anticipate them ahead of time. Here are some of the stages that you may experience through the process.

Lingering Romantic Feelings

Although many people who are getting divorced are more than happy to move on, there are others who still have feelings in their heart. They may feel conflicted about the breakup. Even though they know that the relationship is no longer working, they can’t help but feel like maybe they’re making a mistake.

If it’s not your decision to divorce, then it can be even more painful dealing with the feelings of rejection and pain.

Financial Worries

When you’re married, you have two incomes combined. You may have gotten used to a particular lifestyle and fear how you’ll be able to keep up with it after the divorce. Plus in some cases, you may have to file for bankruptcy, by using people like bankruptcy lawyers in Harrisburg PA, in order to fund your divorce and ensure that the process goes through as smoothly as it possibly can. This does not happen in most cases but in certain divorces, there are large financial bills and settlements that accrue.

Even though your fears may be well-founded, staying in a dysfunctional relationship just for money isn’t a good enough reason to stay. Even though you may rely on your spouse now, that doesn’t mean that it’s not possible to be on your own.

Extreme Mood Swings

One minute you may feel like singing Aretha Franklin at the top of your lungs, and the next minute you may be crying into your pillow. The range of emotions from despair to rage can happen in a matter of seconds. Try to accept these feelings as they come and remember it’s very typical for many people to experience this stage.

Changes In Diet

When going through a traumatic experience like the loss of a marriage, you may experience changes in your appetite. You may lose your appetite altogether or find that you are more of an emotional eater. Many people find that they are one extreme or the other.

Try to eat as balanced of a diet as possible even though it may be difficult to do.

Abrupt Lifestyle Changes

As you transition from being a married person to a single person, you may resort to extreme measures. It’s common to experiment with different facets of your personality in an attempt to get your bearings. Be patient with your process, and eventually, things will balance out again.

After these common divorce-related experiences, you will eventually feel acceptance. Your divorce will no longer occupy your thoughts, and you’ll find joy in life again. You’ll be excited about the future rather than fearful about it.

Your pain will eventually give way, and with enough perseverance. You will be happy again after divorce.

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