5 Considerations To Make Before Choosing Indoor-Friendly Plants

One can find multiple researches studying the positive psychological impact of having plants at the workplace. They have been known to boost productivity, give way to creativity, limit absenteeism and better the health of employees. Due to this reason, many major corporations in Australia are striving to make their businesses greener and sustainable by the end of 2017.


However, not all indoors plants are great for offices, one factor which most people neglect. Before visualizing how they are going to incorporate them into tiny spaces, how much light and water will they need to survive and if they could pose a risk other employees’ health are considerations not many employers take into account.

In this article, we are going to look at 6 such considerations to wisely choose the best indoor plant for your workstation.

1. Co-worker Considerations

Before you go plant shopping, consider talking to your employees about it as some male plants have pollen in them which triggers an allergic reaction in many people. There is a possibility that you have some employees with pollen allergies, making it important for you to address the issue with all workers before getting any new indoor plants for your office.

2. Temperature

For a plant to stay healthy, an optimum level of temperature is required. If you have a habit of frequently turning up/down the temperature in your office, your indoor plant may need extra care. Moreover, it will require extra watering on weekends when the office will be closed and when the air-conditioning or humidifiers are off.

3. Space

Just like us humans, plants too need a certain quantity of space in order to fully bloom and prosper. Trying to squeeze them into tiny spaces or in between two pieces of furniture will block the airflow needed for them to survive. Therefore, when considering getting office plants, ensure that they are given enough space to take in the air from the environment.

4. Humidity

The level of humidity in the office is also an important consideration. Most packed office environments have low levels of humidity in winters due to the heaters and air conditioning being on in the winters and summers respectively. While a good air conditioning system is essential for workers, and any company that needs some help installing one should contact a professional like Morris Jenkins, for example, plants may not do so well in an air-conditioned environment. The reduced humidity dries out the moisture in the air, leaving the soil to quickly dry. This calls for placing your indoor plants at a fair distance from such appliances to allow them to breathe freely. Additionally, keep watering them to reduce the chances of the soil getting dry.

5. Foot Traffic

Every office has some high traffic areas, such as the cafeteria, washroom, and entrance and exits doors. Placing your plant in such areas increases the chances of them getting knocked over and of dying out. Therefore, it is best that when hiring indoor plants, one keeps note of the location where the plant is going to be placed.

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