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4 Tips For Keeping Your Family Healthy During Flu Season

When flu season takes over it can seem like everyone is getting sick left and right.  When it strikes one person in your family it’s only a matter of time until it eventually hits everyone in your household.  The result is Kleenex everywhere, getting medical attention, missing work, and everyone feeling awful.

This doesn’t have to be your fate each time flu season strikes, however.  In order to avoid the flu plague, all you have to know are a few tips and tricks which will keep you and your family out of the grips of illness.  Here are the best ways to keep yourself healthy when everyone else around you seems to be getting sick.

Be Vigilant Of High Germ Areas

Try to avoid sharing drinks or anything else that may swap saliva with a potentially infected person.  Even though it might seem perfectly natural and normal to take a sip of your friends drink or take a bite of their food, the transfer of saliva is one of the quickest ways to become susceptible to germs by someone who is ill.

In addition to avoiding swapping spit, you should also avoid touching handrails or door handles which are in high traffic areas.  It is almost sure that you will fall ill if you transfer your hands to your eyes or mouth after coming in contact with a high germ area such as one of these.

Wash Hands Frequently

Getting into the habit of washing your hands at least once an hour is something that can considerably reduce your chances of getting sick.  Try to encourage your little ones to do this especially since kids can come into three times as many germs as an adult because of all of the things they are getting into throughout the day.

If you aren’t near any running water, consider carrying around a pocket anti bacterial liquid which you can easily grab when needed.  This way you can make sure that you have clean hands in any environment.

Bundle Up

When you don’t dress warmly enough in cold weather this can lead to getting sick quickly.  It’s important to make sure that you bundle up during the cold months especially focusing on your head and feet.

In the night time make sure that you have the proper amount of blankets for you and your children as this can be one of the most common times to fall ill when the temperature drops the most.

Take Vitamins

Taking a daily vitamin is something that will keep your body strong and your immune system working at its best.

In addition to taking vitamins consider eating foods which are rich in antioxidants and nutrients.  This way your body will have all of the tools it needs to ward off any illnesses.

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