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4 Tips For Keeping a Tidy House With Kids

Having kids means having to accept that your Pinterest perfect dreams of a spotless house may have to be on hold for about eighteen years.  From the minute your baby is born, your home is filled with diapers, swings, teething toys, breast pumps, and whatever other new gadgets have come out on Amazon Prime.

As your kids get older, the more and more things they’ll start to accumulate.  From toys to clothes, family life is full of clutter. Some parents find themselves having to rent a storage unit just to be able to find a space for everything.

However, even though it’s a challenge, it’s not impossible to keep up with the clutter if you know the right tricks.  Here are some of the best tips for keeping your house clean with kids.

Encourage Them To Participate With Cleaning

Teach kids from a young age to get involved with cleaning duties.  When they’re as little as toddlers and start showing an interest in the vacuum cleaner and broom, don’t discourage them from participating.  Even though it may make more of a mess than contribute to cleaning, you should encourage their interest in helping out.

Giving kids a set of small chores for an allowance creates excellent character building skills and also helps save time on housework.  Everyone wins when the whole house is helping out on keeping it tidy!

Containers and Baskets

At the end of the day, lots of parents find themselves in the midst of what looks like a toy bomb.  There are all sorts of little pieces to games everywhere and toys spread out all over the furniture.  

Rather than carrying them back to their room every single time, try to keep containers and baskets for toys throughout the house.  This will save time and make clean up quick and easy. Just scoop up the clutter and put it in a basket in a closet or against the wall.

Create Designated Eating Areas

One of the biggest reasons for messes with kids is spills from food and drink.  It’s important to set ground rules for where they can and can’t eat and stay consistent.

Make sure that the kids know that they’re only to eat at the table or in specific areas which won’t create a mess.

Vacuum Every Day

Even though it may not be possible to do a deep clean as often as you might like, because let’s face it, being a parent is time-consuming, vacuuming every day will minimize a lot of the mess.

Making it a habit of running the vacuum once a day makes your house feel much cleaner.  Small daily efforts end up taking much less time than letting it build up and doing a deep clean every few months.

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