4 Tips For Designing a Children’s Reading Nook

Reading is more than just entertainment for your children, it’s one of the most beneficial activities they can do to promote their brain development!  From understanding the complexities of language to exploring the world around them, reading is an important part of raising happy, healthy, and imaginative children.

One of the best ways to encourage them to read is by creating a special area just for them and their stories. Designing a children’s reading nook won’t just benefit them and their reading endeavors, but it can also be a fun project for mom and dad. Here are some of the best tips for creating an inviting and inspiring reading nook for your children.

Make it Cozy

One of the most important aspects of creating a place where your children will enjoy reading is creating a cozy atmosphere.  From adding a rug, to installing some soft lighting, the idea is to make them feel like they’re in a safe space to enjoy their stories. Instead of chairs, consider floor pillows since this encourages relaxation. Alternatively, you may opt for bean bag chairs which are easily stored away and super comfortable.

Add Lighting

Ideally, your nook should be as close to a window as possible so that during the daylight hours they have plenty of natural light.  However, chances are they may not always be reading in the middle of the day. After all, evening time is often one of the best times to cuddle up in front of a good book. While fairy lights and soft lighting are nice for creating a cozy atmosphere, they’re not always practical for reading. That’s where ambient mood lighting comes in. Smart ambient lighting solutions allow you to adjust the brightness and colour temperature of your lights to create the perfect ambience for reading or any other activity. If you’re looking to install mood lighting in your home, consider reaching out to Mood Lighting Specialists who can help you design and set up the ideal lighting system tailored to your needs. In addition to your ambient lighting, make sure that you add a bright lamp so that they can read their books in the evening without straining their eyes.

Add Storage

While it’s possible to put your books in baskets or boxes, a shelf is so much more practical for finding the book you want. A shelf allows you to display stories with the spine out, just like a library. The more they can browse titles freely, the easier it will be to find exactly the story they’re looking for when it comes time to read.

Add Décor

Your children’s reading nook should be mostly neutral so as not to distract them from what they’re reading. However, adding a little decor is always appreciated. From little posters to framed photos of the family, add a little splash of decorative elements. The dreamier and more imaginative you can make their little reading space, the more inviting it will be to get lost in their imaginations.

Remember, your nook doesn’t have to be perfect or like something outside of a Better Homes and Gardens magazine. The idea is to make it feel cozy and safe, and a space that encourages your child to read. 

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