4 Tips For Bringing A New Dog Home

Congratulations on your brand new dog! It’s an exciting day when you get to bring your new pup home to meet the family and start to get to know its new house. In order to make sure that it’s the best possible experience for everyone, including your dog, it’s important that you plan accordingly.

Before you bring home the dog, make sure that you go over some of the most essential tips to get started.

Get Supplies

First thing is first, You’ll need to make sure that you have everything you need before the dog comes home. That means going to the store and buying a leash since your dog will need to be walked. You will also need food, bowls, and toys. By having everything already purchased before the day you bring your dog home, you’ll ensure that you’ll feel relaxed and prepared.

The last thing you want is to feel stressed or scrambling to buy things you don’t have yet. Get started on the right foot by making sure you’ve got everything set up for success.

Introduce Your Dog To Your Home

On the big day that you bring your dog home, they may be nervous or unsure about their new surroundings. However, you’ll find that they’ll adjust much easier if you introduce them to each room in your house.

Take them around and let them smell each area, and get their bearings. Speak in a calm voice, and be reassuring. Don’t be afraid to pet them and let them know they are welcome in their new house!

Correct Bad Behavior

It’s important that you correct anything they do that is against the rules immediately. Dogs need consistency if you hope for them to respect you and your house. If they go into an area of the house that they aren’t allowed or jump anywhere that is forbidden, it’s important to make a hissing sound and snap your fingers.

Establishing your role as the leader is critical during the few moments together. Even though you may want to believe your dog is your equal, dogs are pack animals. They look to you as the leader. If you are passive or lack discipline, they’ll walk all over you. (Literally!)

Get a Dog Bed

Even though you might love the idea of cuddling with your pooch in your bed, it’s not recommended. Dogs need a space that is entirely theirs. Letting your dog sleep in your bed can muddle the lines between master and pet. This means that researching things like ‘weighted blanket for dogs‘ and choosing the right one for your new friend is an important part of the moving process.

Ideally, they should sleep in a corner in a bed of their very own. Don’t worry; dogs love their own space if you teach them to from a young age! Start healthy habits early on, and you won’t regret it!

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