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4 Things You Should Lead By Example For Your Children

As a parent part of your job is to tell your children what to do and guide them through what’s wrong and what’s right.  However, it can be disheartening when they don’t obey. What a lot of parents don’t realize is that it’s not enough to tell your children what to do, but you must also lead by example.

Your children will retain and appreciate your lessons much more if they see you actively participating as well.  Otherwise, kids start to eventually figure out that mommy and daddy may say one thing and do another, which will result in them having the same attitude.

If you want your children to do as you say and as you do, here are some of the most important things that you should lead by example.


Many parents are sticklers about telling their kids to wash their hands and brush their teeth every day, yet don’t do it themselves.  Not only will you have better luck with getting them to do these things if you also do them yourself, but you should also explain why they need to do it.

Explain that failing to take care of your teeth can lead to cavities.  Cavities will result in painful problems which may even require surgery.  They’ll be more likely to follow through with what they’re expected to do if they are given an incentive and explanation.

Eating Healthy Foods

Don’t just tell your kids to eat their vegetables, show your kids how to eat their veggies!  Teach kids the joys of wholesome and organic ingredients which are full of vitamins and minerals.  

Rather than treating vegetables as a punishment or something which must be eaten before the “good part” of a meal, show them that vegetables can be just as delicious as anything else.

Being Kind

Parents are the first ones to reprimand their children if they see them speaking out of line or physically hurting another child.  However, if your kids see you treating others unkindly, even if it’s only verbal, they will adopt this behavior.

Show them the compassion and kindness that you would like to see them take on.  By leading as the example, your children will admire you and seek to emulate your kindness. 

Working Hard

If you expect your children to finish their homework on time and study hard, then you should show them that you do the same.  Show them how hard you work at your job, and perhaps even consider bringing them along.

When you demonstrate the power of follow-through and committing to hard work, they’ll have a great example to follow for finishing their own tasks.

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