4 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Family Home

For decades, the American dream has consisted of a couple of kids, loving spouse, good dog and the white picket fence surrounding the family home. With the real estate bubble and all that came after, many families found themselves scared spitless of getting back into the housing market.

Happy family near new house. Real estate concept.

Fortunately, the housing market has bounced back, and many people are finding themselves carefully considering investing in real estate. One of the best options for real estate can be through Brookhill Properties with Toledano. Young families desire stability for their kids, and older couples want a home that will offer a comfortable place to retire. If you are looking for your first family home, there are many things you need to consider before purchasing.


Perhaps one of the trickiest elements for home buyers is in determining the size of home they need to purchase. For couples without children, a two-bedroom would more than suffice, but are you planning on having kids within the next five years? Additionally, families who already have a few children will need to plan on continuing family growth and potential kids moving out. You might also be looking for somewhere that could accommodate an elderly relative – if there’s space in the backyard, you could look here to see whether creating an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) on the property could be an option for you.

Therefore, before buying, you should evaluate your family’s current size, living space needs and plans for future growth. Consider rooms that would be acceptable as a nursery and whether you could live in the house for a minimum of five years. Most real estate brokers advise a 5-10 year commitment for a home, to make your investment worthwhile, so don’t buy a two-bedroom if you have twins on the way!

School Districts

Childless couples may fail to consider school districts but it is an incredibly important aspect of any home purchase. You will want to buy a house in a school district that is rated well within the community and offers desirable programs for your children. If applicable, you may also want to consider whether there are good daycares and preschools nearby as well.

Family Requirements

While some houses can be perfect for one family, they can be completely unsuited for another. People are different, and their requirements for a living space can alter greatly than that of their neighbors or friends. Consider what rooms are necessary in the home and how much space you will have for important activities. If your family loves games, you may need a family room set up with a puzzle table and board game storage.

Outdoor Space

As the saying goes, “kids can’t bounce off the walls if you take away the walls.” What this simply means, is that by allowing the children to go outside and act like kids, they will have a channel for their energy and avoid breaking valuable indoor amenities. For many families, the yard must be a priority.

Take a look around at the yard before you buy. Is there room for a badminton net, soccer goal or game of frisbee? Can the kids run through the sprinkler and can you have a vegetable garden? Consider whether a family dog would be able to exercise appropriately within that yard space and whether kids and pets would be safe.

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