4 Reasons Your Family Is Always Sick

Having a large family often means that there are a variety of germs passing throughout the homecoming from a variety of locations. Mom brings home colds from the office, while Dad caught the latest flu from an airplane, and the kids are constantly bringing home whatever new strain of bacteria has been picked up on their hands.

If you find your family to be in a constant cycle of someone new getting sick while the last family member has finally gotten well and you wonder how you’ll ever get out of it, you’re not alone. Many families can’t seem to figure out why one of them is constantly sick. Before you give up entirely and surrender yourself to a lifetime of constantly feeling terrible, here are some of the potential causes which you should look into.

Too Much Moisture in The Home

If your family frequently seems to be having respiratory issues in particular, then you may want to consider that you have excess moisture in the home. This could be a result of poor ventilation or items that need to be repaired.

When your home has excess moisture, it can lead to mold which can cause all sorts of health issues. Take a look at your walls and ceilings for signs of moisture and leaking to rule out this possibility. If you do notice signs of mold, then you will need to call for expert help immediately. You might see that once you get rid of the mold, many issues such as headaches or allergies almost disappear. Get professional mold damage restoration help so your results last longer. Do not delay it for the sake of you and your family’s health!

Daycare and School

Since children are touching things throughout the day, sticking their hands in their mouths, and school and daycare is a breeding ground for putting all of these children’s germs together, it’s one of the biggest culprits of how germs are introduced to your family.

Although there’s no real way to avoid this unless you pull them out of school entirely, you should encourage frequent hand washing. As soon as they get home they should wash their hands. You may even want to encourage them bringing hand sanitizer in their backpacks.

Poor Diet

It’s important to ensure that your family is getting proper nutrition. When diets are full of empty calories and poor food choices, bodies aren’t getting the vitamins and nutrients that they need to build up a healthy immune system.

Poorly nourished bodies are weaker overall and generally more susceptible to bacteria. Try to make sure that your plates are full of balanced ingredients and a wide spectrum of raw fruits and vegetables in addition to grains and proteins.


Although many people think of stress as being emotional, stress also takes shape physically. A body which is overwhelmed with negativity and stress will start to break down eventually.

If you have an extremely busy schedule or a lot of tension overall in your lifestyle, you may want to ask yourself if this is the cause of your poor health.

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