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4 Essential Tips To Help Boost Hair Volume

Are you fed up of your limp, flat and lifeless hair? Do you gaze longingly at Hollywood actresses or world-famous models wondering how their hair looks so glossy, shiny and full of exceptional body? Well, volumising your hair is not as out of reach as you might think, even for those of you with fine hair. It’s a question of treating your hair well and using the right products and hair tools. Unfortunately, the hair you are born with will determine how easily you can develop good body but just because you think you have thin or fine hair doesn’t mean you can’t get lift and fullness. There’s a lot you can do, combining a few of these tips will guarantee more voluminous hair so if it’s big hair you crave – read on to find out how you can achieve it:

  • Take Vitamins

Sometimes fine hair can be boosted by taking a good quality multi-vitamin, particularly a hair vitamin. Adding in biotin could also help to encourage thicker hair growth and certainly those experiencing hair loss should consider upping their vitamin intake, although you should always check with your doctor first. Eating well is very important for hair; lack of iron can lead to fine, limp, dull hair so make sure you have a protein rich diet with plenty of green, leafy vegetables.

  • Use A Volumising Shampoo

There are plenty of volumising shampoos and conditioners on the market which help to improve the appearance of each strand of hair so it looks fuller and thicker. Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner from a reputable professional hair styling name – someone you can trust. Ask your hairstylist to recommend a great salon shampoo that works for your hair type. If you can, avoid sulphate shampoos because this ingredient causes build-up on the scalp and if your hair is particularly fine or thin this could inhibit growth. Along with shampoo and conditioner – use a treatment once every fortnight especially if your hair is damaged because damage causes breakage which also leads to reduced volume.

  • Choose a Good Styling Product

There are various styling products like hot airbrushes or volumizing hair irons available, which could help you add volume to hair while styling. Check out this guide here to find the best hot air brush for your hair type. There are also volume fibres that you can add to your hair – they cling to each strand making them appear fuller, thicker and with more plentiful texture.

  • Use Quality Styling Tools

If you want volume choose your styling tools wisely. Straighteners will just flatten hair, curling wands and tongs won’t add volume – just curls. You need a great hair styler with a barrel brush, one which dries from damp and adds plenty of big hair volume. If your hair is fine don’t choose one with a very large head – 50cm is too big, choose a slimmer head such as 35mm. Rotating brushes are also excellent although they take time to get used to – they blow air into the hair from every direction so maximise on volume production. Alternatively a quality hairdryer with ionic technology will go a long way to delivering large, bouncy curls. Use a hairdryer together with a vented curling brush but don’t go for the highest setting, keep it as low as you can so as not to cause any stress on your tresses!

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