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4 Cute Halloween Costume ideas for your kids (or pets)

Halloween can be a busy time for parents, whether you’re all up for getting dressed up and wandering around the neighbourhood looking for candy to fill your kids’ plastic pumpkins, you’ve got a fun evening of spooky games and scary surprises in store, or your kids just like sitting on the sofa and watching a creepy movie or two. Everyone has their own tradition when it comes to Halloween, and one of the most fun traditions that is often shared across the country is the concept of dressing up during Halloween. Even if you’re not going out, or you’re staying in, most kids will want to put on some sort of costume and pretend they are a frightening creature on Halloween.

However, are you sick and tired of seeing the same old costumes? Wouldn’t you rather see something a little scarier than your classic Disney princess or fairy godmother? One of the best parts about Halloween is your ability to do whatever you want within the realms of possibility, and creating a killer Halloween costume is half of the fun.

Why not take a look at some of our great Halloween costume ideas for your kids (or, if you don’t have kids, they make excellent costume ideas for dogs and cats as well!)


It might seem a little tiresome to be starting off with something so cliché but there is something hilarious about seeing young children or pets dressed up as a pumpkin, especially if you can get a little green hat for them to complete the outfit. The costume is often round, soft and quite comfortable as a first Halloween costume. While a little bulky it is easy to put on and quick to pull off if the kids get tired of it. It is a funny, friendly Halloween costume that will remain a favourite for a number of years to come.

Iconic Celebrity

Whether its Madonna, Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley, kids can have a lot of fun with celebrities they barely know. It is simply adorable seeing kids dressed up as well-known celebrities, and the kids will also love all the attention they’ll get from adults who get ‘who they’re supposed to be’. Canine Elvis does a great ‘Hound Dog’ impression as well, and it is twice as funny to see a dog with a quiff and sunglasses on.

Spider (Or other Creepy Crawly)

This is hilarious when done with pets. Imagine a huge spider running excitedly towards you as you open the door to a friend’s Halloween party. Getting shivers? Exactly. Creepy crawlies are old favourites when it comes to Halloween costumes, so putting them on your pet is a great way to freak out the neighbours and visiting kids when they come trick or treating. For an extra dose of fright, why not give your dog a ‘fake arm’ chew toy to hand to the unlucky person who opens the door and sees him?

Two-Headed Man

Otherwise known as the shared costume, this is a hilarious prank costume you can pull on your kids if they don’t get on very well. It is easily done, simply grab an adult sizes shirt or top and shorts or a skirt, add a few stitches on with pen or make-up and you’re pretty much done! If your kids are fond of yelling out ‘trick or treat’ or playing up a little in the days leading up to Halloween, this can be a great prank to pull as their ‘surprise’ Halloween costume before letting them get changed into their trick or treating outfits after they’ve calmed down a little. If you don’t have kids, there are dog costumes that add an extra plush head to a body suit, making your pet a real life Orthrus!

Obviously there are a whole range of other costumes available out there to try on, or why not try making your own costume for the kids? With so many comic book characters, film and video game heroes, celebrities, classic horror film monsters, food groups and more, you’re sure to find something funny and imaginative to wear for your kids on Halloween.

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