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4 Beauty Must Haves For Your Purse

When you’re on the go and want to have something on hand which can help you freshen up or feeling glamorous in a pinch, it’s important to have the beauty essentials in your purse.  Unfortunately hauling around your entire makeup drawer isn’t an option for everyone, since it can weigh you down and be inconvenient carrying too many things.

So where do you find the balance between too much and just enough in your purse?  When it comes down to the bare essentials that you should keep with you at all times, here are the things that should be at the top of your list.


Sometimes when you’re on the go and need to liven up your look without a lot of fuss, a splash of lipstick can be the perfect trick.  When you put color on your face it can completely transform your look and even your mood.

Try to keep a few options in your bag based on what you may need for a variety of different situations.  If you’re out on the town you may need something various like a red, or perhaps you just need a light pink gloss.  The nice thing about lipsticks is that they don’t take up too much room so you can have plenty of options on hand without worrying about it weighing you down too much.

A Mirror

You never know when you might need a mirror for an emergency refresh.  You may need to do your hair quickly in a pinch, or maybe you’ve just finished lunch and need to make sure that you don’t have any food in your teeth before you go back to the office.

Make sure that it comes in a reasonable case which won’t break and shatter inside of your purse.

A Comb

Having a comb or brush in your bag is important when you find yourself with a crazy head of hair on the road.  Make sure that you bring along a comb to run through your hair to ensure that you don’t have crazy flyaways which could cause issues.

A comb is much more compact than a brush and will take up much less room and weight.  

Wet Wipes

Sometimes you need to wipe your hands off quickly or maybe you’re feeling less than fresh.  Having a wet wipe available to freshen up your face can be just what the doctor ordered.

Whether you’re in the car or walking down the street, there’s nothing like knowing you have the convenience of a wet wipe in your bag to take care of anything you may need it for.

Just make sure that you stay on top of whether you’re running low or not.  You don’t want to reach for your wet wipes in a rush only to find there aren’t any left.

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