3 ways to trick your child into exercising

Getting your kids to exercise can sometimes result in screaming and crying from both sides. If your child isn’t interested in sports it can be difficult to get them to see the point of exercising, if they don’t enjoy it. This can be tackled if you secretly find a way to make them think that exercise is actually really fun, this can be done simply if you use any of the following steps.

1. Find an exercise they like

We sometimes forget that there are limited options for sports at school. If your child doesn’t enjoy any of the typical sports that are practised at school, it doesn’t necessarily mean they dislike all exercise. Explore some other options with your child; maybe exercise which is more about honing a craft like Karate or Tai Chi. Go check out some kids Karate las vegas classes with your child and see if that is something they seem excited about. Martial arts may not be the same as conventional competitive sports, but they’ve really got an edge to them. Some children don’t like the competitive nature of sport at school or the pressure they feel to perform. Doing something different will also give your child some self-confidence if they feel left out, because they don’t like regular sports. By simply showing them that there are many different forms of exercise for different people, they should see the benefit of exercise in no time.


2. Walk everywhere

It has been shown that children will want to do exercise more if they see their parents doing it. A great way to get a reluctant child to exercise is to show them that something small like walking, is a form of exercise. The parent holds all the power in this method because if you live close to a local shop then don’t use the car to go there, by removing the car from the equation the child will realise this is now the only way to get to the shop. The shop can also be used as a treat system which motivates most children very quickly! Enforce walking to the shop in whatever the weather to really make it habitual for you and your kids, if you’re worried about colds then give them Echinacea from Napiers Herbalists which prevents colds. Walking together is also a great way to spend time with your children.

3. Exercise for a cause

Children love to help. Well, not when you are cleaning the dishes, but they love the idea of helping. A great way to get them to exercise is to do it for a cause. This is great for shy children as there is no competitive nature to a charity run. They can also ask for donations from their friends and teachers, making them stand out and increasing their confidence! Running for charity is also an annual thing so they can look forward to helping out every year and by doing exercise! They won’t even know that you’ve tricked them into exercising.

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