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3 Ways To Prepare Your Child For A Scary Doctor Or Dentist Appointment

In an effort to keep your kids healthy, it’s very likely that they’ll have to endure a few doctor or dentist appointments that they’d rather avoid. Whether they’re having to get a vaccination, a filling, or simply have a fear of the doctor or dentist, it’s still important that your child go to these visits and get the care that they need.

To help make this a less stressful situation for everyone involved, here are three ways to prepare your child for a scary doctor or dentist appointment. 

Be Careful With What You Say

For some kids, it’s the unknown that can make a doctor or dentist appointment scary. However, if something at that appointment is going to be scary or painful, it might be better for you to be very hesitant about what you say prior to the visit.

According to Dina Roth Port, a contributor to, it can sometimes be helpful to let the doctor or dentist use their own words to describe what they’re going to do during the appointment. For example, rather than saying that your child is going to be getting a shot and explaining what that is in detail, you may want to wait for the doctor or dentist to bring this procedure up and use their own language. With their experience working with kids, they might be able to ease their fears better than you could on your own. 

Get To Know Their Doctor Together

If your child is nervous around people that they don’t know, getting to know your doctor or dentist could do wonders to ease their fears.

While you probably can’t spend a lot of extra personal time with your doctor or dentist outside of their office, Dr. Steven Townshen, a contributor to, recommends that you and your child do some research about who they’ll be seeing prior to their appointment. In addition to learning about what school they went to and seeing a picture of them, you can also see if they have any medical malpractice suits against them.

Maintain A Calm Countenance

In some instances, parents can have a harder time at certain doctor or dentist appointments than their kids. Especially if your child is going to be pinched, poked, or prodded at the appointment, your nerves for them can easily rub off on your child.

To keep this from happening, Cheryl Franco, a contributor to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, advises that you try your best to remain calm. The better you’re able to keep a calm countenance, the more helpful and supportive you’ll be able to be for your child.

If your child is scared of their upcoming doctor or dentist appointment, consider using the tips mentioned above to help ease their fears about their visit.  

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