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3 Ways To Ease Your Child’s Fears About Moving

Moving to a new town or city can be both thrilling and scary. Especially for your kids, the unknown that comes with moving can make the entire experience something that they fight against harder than you may have anticipated.

But when a move is imminent, it’s vital that you do whatever you can to help your child prepare for this change and learn how to cope with their new normal. To assist you in doing this, here are three ways to ease your child’s fears about moving. 

Share Why The Timing Is “Right”

When your kids are little, they might not realize just how much thought you put into your move, especially with regards to them. So to show them why you’re choosing to make this move now, you may want to sit down with them and talk about why the timing is “right”.

Depending on when you’re moving, your reasoning and support will vary. According to Dr. Jennifer Shroff Pendley, a contributor to, many experts feel that moving in the summer is best for kids so they don’t miss any school. However, other experts believe that moving during the school year can be better for the social development of kids since they’ll meet other kids immediately upon arriving. Since both options have benefits, you can use either argument for why moving now will be best for your child and your family. 

Problem Solve Together

While your child might be nervous about the move in general, there are likely things about the move that are causing specific fears for your child. If this is the case, contributors to the Huffington Post recommend that you sit down with your child and talk about what you can do to address these individual fears.

As you seek to problem solve together, you’ll better understand just what it is that your child is afraid of. And when you speak with them about how they can deal with the issues that frighten then, you can give them coping tools to help ease their fears if and when these fears become realities. 

Be A Beacon Of Positivity

Although it might be your child who’s most vocal about their fears of moving, you might be feeling some anxiety as well.

If this is the case, Caroline Schaefer, a contributor to, advises that you should try to put your own fears aside and be a beacon of hope and positivity for your child. The energy that you put out into your home and family will be reflected by your kids. So if you want them to face this new adventure head-on, you should visibly be doing that as well. 

If your child is scared of your upcoming move, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn how to help them through this transition.

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