3 Ways to Make A Hunting Trip Fun For the Entire Family

There are certain activities that are easy to bring an entire family in on the fun. Going to a movie or taking a family trip to the beach are simple things that don’t require a lot of planning. Though everybody has to decide on a movie that everybody will enjoy, that’s a relatively simple thing to do in comparison with planning something like an entire family vacation.


Families are known to have children that can be very different from one another, and when children are different ages at different developmental stages in life, planning events or things to do together as a family that everybody is going to like can prove to be a challenging thing.

If you’re a fan of hunting, you’re probably thinking about how you can get your entire family unit in on the adventure and fun that hunting is. There are many questions involved in this. What is a proper age to involve younger family members? How long do you plan trips? If you’re trying to answer these questions and more, here are 3 ways you can make a hunting trip fun for the entire family:

Be Particular With Destinations

When you’re planning a hunting trip, it’s obvious that you’re going to be a little limited on your destinations. You have to go someplace where it’s legal for you to hunt and where you have permission. You might also want to read up on the gun laws of the state in which you plan to do your hunting, in case you are traveling inter-state. Sites like https://gunlawsuits.org/gun-laws/vermont/ can assist you in this regard. It’s always prudent to do research before you embark on a hunting trip, and this is especially true if you also have a secondary firearm for self-defense purposes.

You also have to find a place that has wildlife. When you’re taking your family hunting, you’re going to want to choose places that have different things to offer. Perhaps find a place with a lake or river nearby to set up camp. While you’re out utilizing your tools to stalk your prey, your family can be camping on the riverside enjoying themselves in the elements.

Be Open to Rotating Prey

You might have an idea in mind to spend your hunting trip looking for elk or something of the like, but if you have your children along and you want to make the trip fun for them as well, you might consider extending your trip out a bit and rotating through prey. Maybe for your son, you consider hunting for grouse or wild turkey.

If your children are too young to handle firearms or other more dangerous gear, consider spending a day looking for frogs or fishing. When you open up the world of hunting to your children from a young age and make the adventure exciting and something they can participate in, you’ll get them addicted to the hobby and they’ll want to hunt with you well into adulthood.

Cover the Survival Basics

Of course, it seems natural that you’re going to want to cover the survival basics of spending time in the wilderness, but when you have children with you, this takes a different form. Think about bringing along things that your family will need specifically while in the woods. Perhaps a portable shower is a good thing to bring along? Think about these things, cover the basics, and your children will love every minute of your adventures together.

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