As any mother knows, bringing home a new baby is a joyous time for a family.  It is a time filled with happiness, excitement, some nerves, and a lot of love.  Once the “babymoon” is over and life finds a new normal it can also be a time where a lot of moms feel the pressure to lose that baby weight.  With a new baby relying on you and sleep deprivation kicking in, it is more important than ever to focus on your health after becoming a new mom.  


Here are a few tips to get healthy after baby and shed a few postpartum pounds along the way.


Those first few weeks after baby are great but they can also feel like you are in baby boot camp.  You are getting up every hour to feed, burp, and change your newborn.  The last thing you want to do is take the time to prepare a complicated meal.  It is very easy to get into a routine of ordering take out, hitting up drive-thru windows, or skipping meals altogether because you are just so tired. Sarah-Jane Bedwell, an author and registered dietitian, recommends spending a little time at the beginning of the week for food prep so meals can be put together in a manner of minutes all throughout the week.  Even though it may take a couple of hours initially, meal prep is a great way to plan ahead for new moms and have quick and healthy snacks and meals available in your fridge.


Once your doctor gives you the green light to exercise again, you can start getting active.  Taking the baby for a daily walk can be a great stress reliever as well as a nice way to ease back into an exercise routine.  There are also many gyms that offer free daycare to their members as an incentive to get moving or you can always get creative and include your baby in some workout moves at home.


For those moms who choose to breastfeed their baby, there are many benefits to nursing.  Breastfeeding not only has several perks for baby, but also for mom too.  According to Ruth A. Lawrence, M.D., a professor of pediatrics and OB-GYN at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, breastfeeding your baby is a major calorie burner.  Many new moms can experience a lot of frustration when it comes to breastfeeding, but after that initial discomfort and you have eased into a feeding routine with your baby, it can be a great way to burn some of that pregnancy weight.

Remember to enjoy your newborn but also to take care of yourself.  By eating right and staying active you are making yourself a priority during this blessed and hectic time as well as being a great role model for little one.

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