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3 Tips To Help Your Child When Beginning Piano Lessons

For many parents, it’s exciting and scary to see what hobbies your children will be drawn to. Depending on what you enjoy doing with your time, you might have inspired your children to go in a particular direction, be is sports, music, art or something else. In order to help your child find out what he or she likes, you may be considering signing up for classes of some kind to help your child learn a skill. If your child’s shown some interest in music, one of the best instruments to start on is the piano. So if you’re about to start your child with piano lessons, here are three tips to help make this transition go as smoothly as possible.

Only Start When There’s Expressed Interest

If you’re like most parents, you’ve likely imagined what the future will be like for your kid. This might include things like graduating from high school, getting married, starting their career, having kids of their own, and more. You may have also thought about what kind of activities you’d like your child to participate in, like piano. However, pushing your kid into something like this often won’t prove to be successful. Because of this, Sara Mullett, a contributor to, recommends that you only start piano lessons after your child has expressed some interest and can confidently sit at the piano for at least 15 minutes without getting too easily distracted or bored.

Choose The Right Teacher For Your Child

Even if you know how to play the piano yourself, you might want to consider finding a designated piano teacher for your child. Finding this right teacher, however, is often easier said than done. While asking for recommendations is good, Brooke Neuman, a contributor to, shares that you want to find someone who fits well with your child. If you hire a teacher and you quickly come to find that your child no longer has the passion for piano that he or she once did, this might mean that you haven’t found the right teacher yet.

Know Your Piano Options

Now that you’ve got your child taking piano lessons, he or she has to have some way to practice their instrument when at home. For some families, purchasing a piano is the way to go. For others, renting a piano makes more sense. If neither of these options work for you, Leticia of Tech Savvy Mama shares that you can always look into digital pianos as well.

If you’re about to have your child start taking piano lessons, consider using the tips mentioned above to make sure this is the right time, right hobby, and right match for your child and your family.

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