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3 Tips to Make Packing for A Move Easier With Children

Moving from one home to another can be an event filled with stress and frustration. Add children into the mix and you’ve almost got a perfect recipe for disaster. However, there are some things you can do to make packing and moving with children a little easier both on yourself as a parent and on your children.


Pack Kids’ Belongings Last

While you likely want to get a jump on your packing so you’re not all scrambling at the last minute, recommends for parents to pack their children’s belongings last when packing up the home. Although you may feel that a lot of your child’s things aren’t necessary to keep around the house when you’re packing your goods away, getting rid of toys or comfort objects too early in the packing process can actually cause you more trouble than if you left those things around until the day before you move.

Let Your Child Pack One Box By Themselves

When the time comes that you and your child are ready to begin packing up their stuff, Kate Brophy, a contributor to, suggests for parents to allow their children to pack themselves a “treasure box”. This activity entails choosing some of their favorite items—whether it be toys, clothes or other belongings—and packing them in a box that your child has decorated and set aside as being special to them. This will show your child that packing and moving can be fun and reassure them that their most prized possessions are merely being taken from one home and another, not tossed aside or left behind.

Don’t Get RId of Too Much Of Your Old Stuff

Moving frequently stirs up feelings of fresh starts and clean slates for adults. While you may have the urge to purge, reminds parents to be careful about the amount of possessions you get rid of, especially if your child has any kid of attachment to them. Replacing items like bedroom furniture or other staples at the same time as a move may make sense to you as an adult, but that much change can be jarring for a child. For this reason, you may want to consider holding off on buying too many new things to add to your new home until your child has become well adjusted to the idea of living in a new location and their new routine.

Packing up your home and moving with a child can be a simple and streamlined process so long as you understand how this change can and will affect your child. Use the tips mentioned above to make this process as easy as possible on both yourself and your child while simultaneously accomplishing all your packing needs in preparation for your big move.  

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