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3 Tips For Traveling With Toddlers

While traveling in and of itself can be stressful, if you’re bringing your toddler along with you, things are about to get even more interesting. Even if your child is used to being on the run with you, traveling can really take a toll on your little ones, so it’s best to be as prepared as possible for the trip you’re about to take together.

To help ensure that both you and your toddler will have a fun and happy time on your trip, here are three tips for traveling with toddlers. 

Keep Your Expectations In Check

Although you might be dreaming about how fun and relaxing your trip will be, it’s important that you have the right expectations before you set off on a journey with your toddler.

According to Andrea Lavinthal, a contributor to, any expectations that you have of your child behaving perfectly and rolling with the punches on your trip likely won’t end up that way for you. However, if you recognize that things are going to be difficult and both you and your toddler will have fried nerves at one point or another on your adventure, you’re much more likely to have an enjoyable time together. 

And when it comes time for you to take a trip without your toddler, you’ll be even more grateful for the rest and relaxation that you likely won’t get on your travels this time. 

Give Yourself Plenty Of Time

When traveling without kids, it’s much easier to plan tighter schedules and more aggressive timelines. But when you’ve got a little one in tow, it’s safer to give yourself plenty of wiggle room when it comes to getting to where you need to be when you need to be there.

Without fail, your toddler will need to stop to use the bathroom on your way to the airport. So rather than having to rush through traffic and put everyone in danger of a car accident, plan to leave a little earlier than you think you need to. And instead of stressing out as you wait in the security line needing to get to your gate, Jeff Koyen, a contributor to, recommends that you plan to give your toddler some time to run around at the gate before you start boarding your flight. 

Always Pack Extra Clothes

While the days of diaper blowouts are likely behind you, you’ve still got plenty of reasons to pack a few extra changes of clothes when traveling with your toddler.

Not only could your toddler have an accident as you try to find the nearest bathroom in a city you’ve never been to before, but Erica Weber, a contributor to, reminds us that toddlers can be notoriously messy, so it’s always wise to have a few extra pairs of clothes to cycle through while you’re on the road. 

If you’ve got plans to travel with your toddler soon, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you both have an enjoyable and safe time.

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