3 Tips for Caring For Your Child’s Teeth

Part of keeping your children safe and healthy is ensuring that their dental hygiene is taken care of. However, many children don’t like the idea of having to brush and floss each day or visit the dentist. When you have a child that feels like this, it can be a real headache trying to encourage them to take good care of their teeth. So to help make this struggle a little easier, here are three tips for caring for your child’s teeth.

Make Dental Hygiene Fun

One way you can increase the chances of your child taking care of their teeth and even enjoying the experience is by making it fun. To do this, FamilyDoctor.org suggests that you allow your children to pick out their own toothbrushes and toothpaste. Because many toothbrushes now come in cartoon or other characters, your child might love getting to use their toothbrush each day. Additionally, you could also try playing their favorite song while they brush their teeth or give them some kind of reward once they’ve brushed for long enough. By using positive reinforcement, you may find that your child is much more willing to keep up with their dental hygiene.

Avoid Foods That Are Bad For Teeth

As more of a preventative measure, you should also try to be careful with the foods that you’re feeding your child. Some food are worse for their teeth than others, and these foods should be avoided when possible. According to KidsHealth.org, some of the most common foods to steer clear of are ones containing a lot of sugar. This includes juices, candy, and even flavored medicine. If you can’t brush their teeth right after eating these foods, at least have them drink some water to wash that sugar off their teeth. When left on too long, that sugar can start to eat away at a tooth’s enamel.

Get The Right Amount Of Fluoride

While fluoride can be a sensitive subject for some people, having the right amount of fluoride is perfectly safe for your child and can help their teeth become stronger. Some cities have fluoride in their water while others don’t, so you’ll want to double-check if the water your child’s drinking already contains this before giving your child additional fluoride. But according to Sunny Sea Gold, a contributor to Parents.com, you can also get additional fluoride from toothpaste or supplements. Just be sure you’re not giving your child too much fluoride or it can cause a discoloration of their teeth.

To help your child have teeth that won’t cause them problems further on down the road, consider using the tips mentioned above to help them develop good dental hygiene habits at a young age.

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