3 Reasons Why Your Elderly Loved One Should Have A Pet

There are lots of elder care Lynchburg options out there so it can be hard to know what’s best for your elderly loved one. If you have an elderly loved one that has fallen on some hard luck in recent years, be it with their health, with their life situation, or just their outlook on their age or station, one thing you may be able to do to help them find some happiness is to encourage them to get a pet. As long as they aren’t living in an assisted living community or in a rental, there should be no reason-other than the inability to care for a pet-that owning and loving a pet shouldn’t be an option for them.

To help you see how this could be beneficial, here are three reasons why your elderly loved one should have a pet. 

To Build Companionship

Sadly, as your loved one ages, so do their peers and the people they have been used to having around them. And with this advancing age comes death and the loss of friends and loved ones. So if your elderly friend or family member is suffering from a loss of companionship, having a pet could be a great alternative.

According to Mary West, a contributor to Care.com, pets can often fill a void of a lack of social interaction with other humans. So if your loved one has recently suffered a loss or is having a hard time connecting with others, giving them a pet could serve as a way for them to feel a sense of companionship that they may otherwise be missing. 

To Counterbalance The Downsides of Aging

As the body ages, a lot of changes begin to take place. While some of these can be welcomed, like growing in wisdom, others can be rather annoying, like a loss of physical faculties. Because of these downsides of aging, many elderly adults feel dissatisfied or depressed with their lives. But according to Barbara Ballinger, a contributor to Aging Care, having a pet can help to counterbalance this. 

By having another living being in their life, many elderly pet owners find that they feel less lonely and depressed with the effects of aging. As a result, they are more easily able to look past things that they might otherwise be dwelling on. 

To Bring More Physical And Social Activity

For many older people, each passing year makes them less and less active in their life, both physically and socially. However, to be happy and healthy, these types of activities are vital.

Knowing this, Nicole Lyn Pesce, a contributor to MarketWatch.com, shares that seniors who have pets tend to be more social and more physically active. These two things can have great positive benefits in a person’s life. 

If you’ve been wondering whether a pet could be a good idea for your elderly loved one, consider how the above-mentioned benefits could improve their quality of life. 

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