3 Reasons Why Crooked Teeth Should Be Straightened

It’s no secret that most people want their teeth to be nice and straight, but do you really understand just how important straight teeth are for everything from looks to health? Here are just three important reasons to have crooked or crowded teeth straightened.

1. Appearance

You can whiten your teeth as much as you want – if there aren’t straight, they aren’t going to look their best. Don’t let yourself dismiss this is a trivial concern. If you have a smile full of straight, white teeth, you’ll feel better about showing it off. Additionally, keep in mind that crooked teeth are more likely to show discoloration since they can shift slightly. This also makes them tougher to whiten.

2. Bite

Most people assume that crooked teeth are only a cosmetic problem, but this isn’t the case at all. One of the more serious problems associated with crooked teeth is an incorrect bite. If your teeth aren’t lined up straight, they won’t form a proper bite pattern when you bring them down. As time goes by, the imbalance can lead to serious problems – it’s even possible you may experience jaw joint issues that require surgical intervention, so well it’s worth letting someone like this orthodontist Phoenix fix any crooked teeth you have before this has a chance to happen. It is imperative that this gets sorted out as soon as possible as ignoring it may lead to other jaw issues. For example, jaw pain also known as TMJ may occur resulting in craniofacial pain that can include the sinuses, ears, head, and so on. So early care is important.

Since your teeth aren’t meeting correctly, it’s likely one or two are taking more strain than individual teeth are meant to handle. Chips and fractures could be the result.

3. Hygiene

Everyone knows the value of brushing and flossing, but few understand how much easier these oral healthcare routines become when you have your teeth straightened. It can be very hard to get toothbrush bristles and floss into the nooks and crannies created by crowded or crooked teeth, and it’s just those hard-to-reach areas where plaque, bacteria, tartar, and food debris will tend to collect and thrive. When your teeth are nice and straight, keeping them free from decay and infection becomes that much easier.

So, now that you are well aware of some of the reasons to get teeth aligned, you might be in a hurry to consult a dentist for yourself or maybe for someone close to you. If you or that close one of yours live in the US, a site similar to https://www.1800dentist.com/directory/state can help you locate the nearest dentist. You can shortlist one, visit them, get your teeth inspected, learn about the procedures involved in getting the teeth aligned, and then make an informed decision.

Moreover, a properly aligned set of teeth can help give you more confidence while speaking, smiling, or laughing. So, get your teeth enhanced and support your self-confidence with healthy, white, and bright teeth!

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