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3 Reasons Home Ownership is Important to Children

Raising kids comes with a whole slew of expenses and worries. You stress over whether you can afford to care for your children, you worry about their health and well-being, and you wonder whether you are doing all you can for them academically. Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed formula for turning out a perfect child, but there are some steps to take to help them on their way.


For instance, a healthy diet during pregnancy could help develop your children’s preferred palate before they are even born. Utilizing financial resources for parents can offset the costs of child health care, clothing, and even groceries. In terms of academia, the family home is an unrivaled indication of your child’s success; what happens at home can shape your child’s brain for the rest of their life. Included here are a few reasons why owning, and maintaining, a home is critically important to children.


Perhaps the strongest indicator of a child’s success in life is the stability of their family unit. Whether they have one or two parents, and their level of involvement, can be a huge factor in determining a child’s success. For example, recent studies have shown that parents who read to their children on a nightly basis can actually encourage brain growth and development from toddlerhood on.

Additionally, the simple fact of having a consistent home to come back to on a nightly basis can breed contentment and comfort in children. A child who is uncertain of how long they get to live in a certain home, or have their same toys, can suffer in school. If a child doesn’t feel that their basic needs are met, they are unable to proceed with creativity, learning, and other advancements.

While owning a home is not a completely necessary aspect of having a stable family, it can help. Families who have purchased homes are more likely to settle in an area, allowing their children to become plugged into one school and involved in the community. While some rentals do offer stability, purchasing a home is a guaranteed way to avoid upheaval by a landlord.

Ample Space

In addition to offering stability, family homes that are purchased are often more likely to offer better space than a rental. Parents often purchase homes that allow for room for each child, giving them space for their toys, homework, and quiet time. When children have room to not only have educational materials, but also interact with them, they are more likely to grow in their education and academic success.

Involved Parents

Great parents come in all shapes and sizes. Single moms and dads, young, married couples and older parents all can be the ideal parent for their children. While there is no formula for what makes an involved parent, there are factors that can be identified in some of the best. Parents who are able to buy a home may have less financial stress and concern, allowing them to interact more with their children and be involved.

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